We open to Jordan’s birthday party at Safespace Seattle. Ray is going stir crazy and Jordan is suspicious of the sisters. While he may be suspicious of them Maggie is looking out for him because of the curse. He is cursed to die at 25 but is about to turn 26. She had a good reason. Jordan was almost killed blowing out his candles. Abigael shows up again half dead looking for Harry.

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When are Macy and Harry going to address the elephant in the room? I know they are in love but they keep looking to others for distraction. Julian bought a plane ticket for Macy to join him in Aspen which she just received before Abigael appeared. Macy decides for the moment to stay with Harry and Abigael even though the idea of Abigael and Harry repulses her as much now as it did when she caught them locked in an embrace. Back to Maggie and Jordan, he is haunted by a half-burned ghost.

Maggie is able to trap her in a looking glass for the moment. It won’t last long though. She is already breaking the glass. Ray and Mel are in to talk to some of Ray’s old contacts. Someone put a tracker on the item he is giving his contacts. I wonder if Ray is going to try to use the potion he swiped from his daughters on his old contacts.

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I hate watching Harry and Abigael interact because I know it hurts Macy’s feelings. I am back to disliking Abigael. Abigael admits to Macy she didn’t want her to come with. She just wanted Harry. Maggie is trying to save Jordan but the ghost is very persistent. Up to the point that she has taken over Swan’s body. Macy found the antidote to the poison in Abigael’s system and tells Harry.

What does Harry do about Abigael? Does Jordan survive the night? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Til next week…

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