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If you’ve been looking for a way to effectively hear the TV without cranking up the volume, then TV Ears are an excellent solution!

There are several ways of increasing the sound output of television, but this can quickly overwhelm other viewers without providing much of a benefit to you. 

TV Ears offer you the flexibility of enhancing critical sounds like dialogue without inconveniencing those around you. As a result, it’s much easier to watch TV with friends and family that may not struggle to hear what’s going on themselves. 

We’ll cover why volume level isn’t as important for hearing your television and what is effective below so that you can start enjoying the TV again like you once did! 

Turning Up the Volume Isn’t the Solution

When it becomes difficult to hear the TV, your natural inclination is to turn up the volume. This is a normal reaction and typically is effective at amplifying sound output. 

However, increasing the volume is often an ineffective solution because it won’t necessarily increase your ability to discern the sounds made by a TV. Instead, it will just lead to louder noise, which doesn’t mean that you can hear what people are saying. 

When you crank up the volume, it will create a cacophony that makes it impossible to pick up on individual sounds. Especially for someone hard of hearing, simply increasing the volume will just create confusion and inconvenience, anyone, around them. 

Making matters worse, boosting the volume of your television can also further complicate your hearing loss. Even if you can’t hear the loud volume, the soundwaves are still impacting your ears.

For these reasons, you should avoid increasing the volume and look for an alternative solution instead.  

What Does Work?

When analyzing why you can’t hear the TV, there may be several different causes. Pointing to hearing loss can be a quick and obvious solution, but this may not always be the root cause.

For starters, most televisions have a poor speaker system. The quality of sound may not be great, to begin with, and can rapidly deteriorate over time.

You can remedy this by adding devices like a soundbar, computer speakers, or even a headset. If these fixes don’t work, then your difficulty hearing the TV is likely a result of hearing loss.

Should this be the case, you’ll need the assistance of a device that specifically amplifies important sounds while filtering out ambient noise. This is achievable with the use of TV Ears, which drastically improves your ability to hear the television.

How Are TV Ears Different?

TV Ears are unique. Upon initial glance, they look like headphones. You do use TV Ears like a regular set of headphones, placing the earbuds into your ear canal.

Each earbud extends to a receiver below, which rests under your chin as you wear the TV Ears. Most headphones are worn over the head, while TV Ears are worn under the head.

With this device, you have the ability to increase the sound that you hear while everyone else listens to the standard television volume. The receiver below your chin can modulate volume and tone to enhance audio clarity.

What makes TV Ears specifically different is that they aren’t just headphones. Yes, they can increase volume output, but they also directly increase the noise frequencies that people with strained hearing struggle with. 

As a result, TV Ears are an excellent fix if you have difficulty hearing in general.     

How Do TV Ears Work?

Now you might be wondering how TV Ears work. This is a good question and it comes down to a combination of wireless signals and infrared light.

The earbuds are connected to a receiver below your chin. This picks up the signals sent out by a transmitter that connects directly to your TV. For this reason, there must not be any obstructions between the receiver and transmitter so that the audio quality is not affected. 

Adding on to this, there is a microchip inside the headphones that focus on amplifying speech and limiting other non-important noises. This is paired with an ear-tip that molds to your ear canal and prevents other noises from interfering with the television sound. 

Putting all of this together, TV Ears use a combination of sound-canceling and specific amplification so that you can hear what’s necessary. Things like character dialogue are prioritized so that you can fully follow along to a conversation.

Are They Effective?

With this information in mind, TV Ears certainly sound like a good product on paper. They allow you to listen to the TV even if you typically have difficulties with hearing conversations and distinguishing individual words. 

What you care most about is if TV Ears are effective. They do fulfill their intended purpose and work well for anyone wanting to enhance TV sound quality. 

There are two primary reasons why you might want to use TV Ears. The first one we’ve covered above and that’s if you struggle to hear a conversation through standard television speakers. TV Ears will increase audio clarity and make it easier for you to hear what the characters are saying.

The other use of TV Ears is for listening to television quietly. Say you’re laying in bed and your partner is asleep. You don’t want to wake them up by having the TV sound on, but you still want to hear what’s being said.

TV Ears offer a great alternative here because you can mute the TV speakers but still hear the audio through the headphones. This makes them a great choice for anyone who enjoys watching television but can’t hear what’s being said or doesn’t want to blast the volume. 

Closing Thoughts

TV Ears a great choice for listening to TV. Whether you have a hard time hearing, your TV’s audio quality is poor, or you don’t have the option of turning the volume up, TV Ears allow you to listen without disturbing anyone else. 

You do have the option of cranking the volume up to better hear a television, but this doesn’t typically make it easier to distinguish what’s being said. Instead, you should use TV Ears to privately increase volume through your headphones rather than blasting sound through the TV.

These work by specifically increasing the audio level of speech while limiting unnecessary noises. They use a transmitter and receiver combo to pick up the sounds coming out of a TV.

If you’ve been looking for a way of restoring your ability to hear the TV, then TV Ears are exactly what you need. They’re extremely effective and you’ll wonder how you ever tried to watch television without them!