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I’m starting a club. Let me know if you want to join it. It’s the “I hate Duke” club; he may be the worst character ever and I’m so confused as to why he is even on this show. Is he supposed to be the devil on Kate’s shoulder? The sexist devil might I add, because he talked to Toby in a completely different (and supportive) manner than he’s talked to all of the women. This man must go. I think if our club really picks up some steam we can get him axed.

…onto more serious recapping…

This week on This is Us, we were provided another example of just how lucky Rebecca is, and how she maaaay not deserve the husband she got. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like Rebecca, but I feel like she’s often pointing the finger at other people and their faults and flaws while not truly accepting her own. We’ve seen her do it with Jack and his drinking; we’ve seen her do it with Randall and William. This week, we saw Jack and Rebecca at a point in their lives where their marriage was…not suffering…but definitely in a distant second behind parenting. After they find out Miguel and Shelley are getting a divorce, Jack worries that the same thing will happen to their marriage, while Rebecca remains focused on her blossoming singing career. While Rebecca may realize that Jack is superdad, she doesn’t do as much to thank him for it as you’d think she would. She responds to his romantic gesture of renting out their old apartment, rereading vows, champagne, etc. by tell him she’d like to go on tour with her band for a few months. Once again, I can’t blame or judge Rebecca for wanting to follow her dreams, but I just don’t think that was the best response to his declaration of love. While their marriage IS strong and filled with love, I think most of it is a testament to Jack’s devotion…which makes the fact that he dies prematurely even more heartbreaking.



Back in present day, Kate, Randall, and Kevin all had smaller stories.

Kate Thriving at fat camp, Kate is visited by Toby, who’s missing his fiancée and eager to spend some time with her. He also runs into satan’s spawn Duke, who makes him feel a little insecure about his relationship. When Toby tries to reconnect with Kate, she pushes him away. He responds by asking her when she’s ever going to do something for him…he spends all of his time trying to do for her and he doesn’t get much in return. Hmmm…sound familiar? Her story ends this week with her heading over to Duke’s cabin, because for some reason she finds the way he talks down to her appealing. Sigh.

Randall Randall is straight up stressed. He’s not sleeping; he’s shaking. He’s nervous because he knows William is dying soon, and he’s nervous because he wants to be successful at work and not be overshadowed by the new guy. The problem is, Randall can’t control everything in his life…something Beth has been trying to reassure him of gently. William will die soon, and it’s better to be prepared (and prepare the girls) and enjoy the time left with him.

Kevin Kevin is chasing his ex/high school sweetheart, Sophie. At first, she’s not keen on it; their marriage ended because he cheated on her. But then, they get stuck on the subway, and his good looks and charming personality begin to work. It looks like these two are *sort of* back together.