Everyone likes Monopoly. To be exact, everyone likes playing it, as long as they don’t realize they are out of cash. At that point, things start getting messy.

The atmosphere is tense, the players are getting grizzly. Just look at all those Monopoly ends memes. Nothing more needs to be said.

Be that as it may, this is a fun and captivating game that’s been around for about 85 years.

Monopoly was invented by Illinois-born game designer Lizzie Maggie in 1935. A devoted believer in future capitalism, Maggie did what she excelled in. She created a board game based on the principles of capitalism.

The ever-standing question of which Monopoly is best might not be resolved in the following article. Rather, we will tell you what Monopoly games there are, and leave the choice to you.

Additionally, we won’t be wasting your time preaching about how Monopoly works. The aim of this article is of an informative nature of a different kind. Having read the following text, you will learn there is much more than just the classic game.

Star Wars Monopoly

The first variation we will be talking about is Star Wars Monopoly. Some might call it Monopoly for kids, but little do they know there is also the Junior option.

Anyway, Star Wars takes place on a circular, spaceship-like board with – obviously – no corners. Instead, it features the Powerful Force cards which determine your playing destiny. Action-packed and intense, this game will wake the space explorer in you.

The Star Wars embodiment of the classic game is arguably the most fast-paced one of them all. If you are up for an intergalactic ride, then this is the board game for you.

Game of Thrones Monopoly

Unlike the previous option, Game of Thrones Monopoly occurs on the standard quadrilateral board. The rules are identical to the traditional ones, too. You can sell houses, or rather property, formed into custom villages and keeps.

If you are a fun of the award-winning TV series, you will love this variation. It features the four trademark sigils from the show, as well as the logo placed in the central part. You get to choose a hand-sculpted figure or token, too.

Many have compared it with Perfect Competition. But if you ask us, GoT Monopoly is hands-down way better. This variant can be played with 2 players, but the real magic is there when more people participate.

Monopoly Megaways – BTG

Moving into the virtual world, we have several online Monopoly variations to recommend. The universe of iGaming is committed to transferring all land-based content to the online database.

The industry’s behemoths embodied popular TV shows and movie franchises in games. And they created even a monopoly slot game.

One of the leading names on the market, Big Time Gaming recently launched a 6 by 7 Monopoly online slot. The fresh BTG video slot boasts 117,649 ways to win. It’s easy to grasp the rules of this game. Just click the Spin button as the cards beneath the reel grid shift to accommodate your winning combinations.

MONOPOLY Live – Evolution Gaming

Who thought that Monopoly could come to life? Dominant supplier of live casino solutions and games Evolution Gaming made it possible. In 2019, the casino software developer rolled out live dealer title MONOPOLY Live.

The show-like game features a real dealer who will chat with players and comment on the game. He or she also spins the 3D wheel which dominates the stage. The playing environment is beautifully furnished and inviting.

As this is a live casino number, the rules will be slightly bent and yet simple. Namely, the wheel shows off 54 segments or pockets. Before it is spun, the participants should place their bets on one or more segments. Pockets 1, 2, 5 and 10 come with reciprocating multipliers (1x, 2x, 5x and 10x, respectively).

MONOPOLY Live even won the game of the year prize at the EGR Operator Awards 2019.

Monopoly Mega Movers – WMS Interactive

The future of gaming abides on the internet. The last alternative to the traditional game we chose is Monopoly Mega Movers by WMS Interactive.

The Scientific Games company based in Las Vegas, Nevada was one of the first to create the online version of the capitalist dream. In 2017, this SG brand designed a 5-reel, 4-row video slot with 30 lines to play on. It came with a winning potential of 250,000 coins. The RTP (Return to Player) value of this game hit the 96.05% mark. As such, the Mega Movers slot is still considered one worth playing.

The slot also features crisp graphics and immersive sound effects alongside the visual experience. The betting range covers monetary values between €0.50 and €75 that can get you the jackpot.