Video games have been around for over 40 years now. The popularity of these games is not in question, but did you know that recently, video game themed slots become more and more popular? Just in the last year alone, there have been many new slots websites with offers for video game themed slots. Let’s have a look at why such game themed slots have become so popular and why you should play it. After all, there are many advantages to playing slots in your trusted online casino.

Video game Slots are fun!

When playing Slots with a video game theme, you will find similar patterns. There is no question, that the slot itself does have its own game rules, the rules of the video game can not exactly be matched. Yet, there are some inventions that make a game themed slot unique and special, which will make you recognize the theme. 

When looking at a certain video game themed slot, you will find many different styles and themes. There can be slots of modern and popular video games such as:

  • GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto 5)
  • FIFA
  • Red Dead Redemption 2

But there can also be retro themed slots such as:

  • Pacman
  • Tetris
  • Super Mario

The good news is that all these slots exist at the same place in one of the casinos. As a player, you can switch as much as you want and try your luck at one of these slots.

Why are video game themed slots popular?

The popularity of such slot games has different reasons. The first and obvious one is that these slots seem very familiar from the first minute. When you know the slot rules in combination with some game theme like images, sounds and the story telling while playing the slot, you will be engraved in the action the slot delivers to you.

Another reason for the popularity of such themed games is, that the online casinos often promote such video game themed slots to a very high level. Because of that, jackpots and winning prices can go up, which makes players want to play it even more. This life circle is well known to many marketing strategies. 

Are video game themed slots official?

When you play a video game themed slot you will come across many trademark logos and images. Software companies who create such games often have a partnership with the gaming company that makes the video game. This way, all slots are official video game themed slots. Such partnerships can be very beneficial to the quality to the slot game, since there is more money around to create it – better staff can be hired to create the game