In the gaming world is there is just one question that is a cut above the rest, and that is simply: PS4 or XBOX which is best? It’s a question that many gamers have pondered, with their opinions changing on a console by console basis. Some would argue that for gen one consoles PS4 was best, while for gen two it was XBOX all the way, but nowadays with both consoles on a fairly even keel, it’s a little harder to confidently say.

Most gamers have dabbled in both consoles because both have appealing qualities. Last year, Sony releases the PS4 Pro, while Microsoft released the Xbox One. This release put a whole new spanner in the works in terms of answer this age-old question, because these new gen consoles offer so much more than previous ones ever have, and are far more similar too than ever before.


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Size matters

The XBOX One is far bigger than the PS4, which means that it doesn’t look as ‘snazzy’ or as modern. However, if you’re not into appearances, then this may not matter to you, but for some gamers, the look of a console is key.


Both controllers have been upgraded. The PS4 controller is chunkier than previous controllers and heavier too. However, it has enhanced gameplay tools incorporated into it. It has a more robust feel compared to the previous PS4 controllers. The XBOX controller has more motors build into it and improved D-pads. It offers a more realistic experience, due to more movement in the controller during gameplay, such as from vibrations.

The downside is that this controller still runs on AA batteries, like every XBOX controller before it. While the PS4 controller is rechargeable. That being said, the XBOX controller has a longer lifespan with AA batteries providing power for longer gameplay. Of course, there’s the cost of batteries to consider, as replacing them on a regular basis can be pricey.


When it comes to graphics, many gamers struggle to agree on which console offers the best experience. In previous years the PS4 won the graphics game with the most innovative graphics ever, but now the winner is not so clear-cut.

Often, the quality of the graphics on show depends on the game being played, and how those graphics have been designed to integrate with the console. This is something that sites like talk more about – so it could be worth having a browse online of these.

Exclusive games

For a lot of gamers, what it comes down to is exclusive games. Each console comes with a range of exclusive games, which are unavailable on other consoles. Often, the console a gamer chooses depends on what games they prefer.

Sony has the advantage here, as they own a wide range of different, highly popular games, such as many of the Marvel rights, with Spiderman being a prime example. This new game will only be available on PS4, which being so sought after, gives Sony the edge. However, XBOX is famous for being the only console to have Halo, which is a highly popular game with some gamers.

What it comes down to when choosing a console is simply personal preference. Every gamer has their own preference over how they game.