Photo Source: Shadow Seven

Shadow Seven, the latest PVP strategy game to hit mobile is releasing a big update! You can now add three new awesome characters to your team of mercenaries and get more awesome rewards with the new Shadow Missions!

The three new characters Killy, Losina, and Frill are members of the Lucky Rabbit Roaming Corps. Each mercenary has their own game-changing abilities. Killydecreases the ATK of the enemy unit that she attacks and removes any buffs from that unit. Losina can teleport the highest HP enemy unit from one place to another within your attacking range. Frill damages enemies directly next to her in a cross pattern while also gaining a life drain buff.

Aside from the addition of new characters, Shadow Seven is also introducing the new Shadow Missions. These Shadow Missions are 7-day missions that give you a unique set of rewards for every objective that you complete. Players will also get Achievement Points after every mission which they can then exchange for other rewards such as boxes, weapons, and a legendary mercenary (Geros).

All Shadow Seven players can join a new Collecting and Exchange Event to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Starting February 3, players can collect Lucky Bags for completing certain missions. Players can then exchange Lucky Bags until February 26 for other rewards such as gold, mercenary boxes, and mercenary pieces for Killy, Losina, and Frill.

Other details in this update include the new Thai language option, new tutorials, increased battle rewards, updated experience gain, and other updates to the game’s UI. The full patch notes can be found on their Facebook page.