Oliver, for being a super hero you are pretty oblivious sometimes. Photo Credit: Arrow/CW

Picking up after last week, Oliver tells Thea that she needs to apologize to Susan about what happened with hacking her computer and getting her fired. She needs to do it because Susan refuses to return any of Oliver’s calls and he doesn’t know what to do. Thea doesn’t seem overly remorseful about it and doesn’t plan to talk to Susan.

Oliver goes on trial as the Green Arrow for the murder of the cop. During the trial it is brought up that the autopsy was forged by requests of the mayors office. The chief says he was told about the details of the Green Arrow cop murder, and how he was manipulated from Promethius. The mayor told him all of the information which now causes him to question if Oliver really is the Green Arrow. After that day of the trial the Vigilante makes his return as he shoots up the limo in attempts to take out the mayor. Dina is able to stagger him enough for the rest of the team to get to safety, call the cops and fight him off until authorities arrive. However Oliver got knocked pretty good from the car crash and has to undergo concussion protocol and can’t go back to city hall just yet to run things. In Oliver’s absence, Thea has taken on more responsibility and she wants to use the information that Felicity has with Pandora to blackmail Council McCollins who is the swing vote in impeaching Oliver.

Back at Arrow’s headquarters Felicity shows John Diggle some information from Pandora that can be used to help get him free. John didn’t seem totally supportive of it and warned Felicity that every time they played with fire they risked getting burned. Dina is trying to find clues about the Vigilante in the field while the rest of the team is looking back at base. Rene and Curtis are working on some sphere technology that Curtis has been brainstorming that can be used to identify Vigilante. Dina finds a small piece of Vigilante’s visor at the crime scene and calls it in to the team. The district attorney sees her on the phone and asks who that was and Dina says it was an emergency so the D.A. offers to take the piece to log it in for her at the station. Dina senses something is off, back at the station Dina takes the piece after the D.A. leaves it out on a desk and he easily notices it was stolen.
Promethius was able to track down the Vigilante, they end up fighting on top of a building with Promethius getting the upper hand and throwing him over. Promethius turns around, takes off his mask and makes a call. He reveals himself to be the District Attorney Adrian Chase. He calls in to say that he needs backup as he has Vigilante.

With the piece of Vigilante’s visor Curtis is able to get his T-Sphere’s dialed in enough to be able to track the where about of Vigilante, who is out and about, we don’t quite understand if he escaped Promethius, or perhaps now they are working together. Vigilante is set up in a near by building from where Oliver Queen is going to give a press conference to throw the Green Arrow under the bus making him public enemy number one for the cop murder. Vigilante is set up on the 6th floor where Curtis, Wild Dog and Guardian go to confront him. During the dust up Guardian and Wild Dog are shot, but Curtis was able to stop him with the help of a T-Sphere which causes and explosion and acts almost like a boomerang that automatically hits its target.

From this things go very quickly and we will recap the last few moments of the episode. Oliver ends up not getting impeached as blackmail wasn’t needed to get the swing vote in Oliver’s favor, and with the new news, Susan Williams was able to get her job and her life back. Thea gives Oliver her recognition, she says she is not fit for this job and she has a lust for politics that rivals her blood lust and she is broken and needs to go find herself again. Curtis was very excited that he had a date with his husband Paul, however it was only a ruse so Paul could serve Curtis with divorce papers. Felicity joins the underground spy group Helix, she is falling further into a bad situation. Lastly Adrian Chase confronts Susan at her car and asks her for an exclusive interview that is a life or death situation.

Arrow will be taking a week off for reasons I am not sure about and will return Wednesday March 15th.