*Spoiler warning for The Big Bang Theory, season 12, episode 12.

Raj on The Big Bang Theory

Raj tries to win Anu back Love Actually-style with giant cue cards, and a doorbell camera.

After last week’s episode ended with the major cliff hanger of what is going to happen with Raj and Anu’s relationship, I was expecting that to dominate this week’s episode. However, with a strange plot-twist for Penny and Leonard, Raj and Anu are barely a blip.

This episode, Penny runs into super hot, dumb and rich, ex-boyfriend Zack (Brian Thomas Smith), who invites Penny and Leonard to have dinner with him and his wife, Marissa (Lindsey Craft), on his boat. The evening takes a strange turn when Zack and Marissa ask Leonard to donate his sperm to artificially inseminate Marissa, since Zack is sterile (apparently a result of him letting his frat bothers repeatedly kick him in the balls). Penny is, understandably, shocked and weirded out, but Leonard is strangely flattered. He reveals later that it has a little bit to do with the fact that Penny doesn’t want to have kids, but since he wouldn’t be in the role of father for this kid anyway, I don’t really see how this fills that void. Penny finally decides that it’s Leonard’s decision, so I guess we’ll have to see if he really goes through with this. My money is on no.

I did promise we’d talk about Raj and Anu’s relationship, so let’s get down to that. Raj tries to win Anu back “Love Actually-style,” meaning with giant cue cards, but Anu is resistant. She makes him realize that they’re clearly both not ready to get married, as they are both doing it for the wrong reasons. When Raj’s father calls him to confront him about the end of the engagement, he makes Raj realize that while Raj may not be ready to marry Anu, he does really like her. Raj goes back to Anu to ask if they can date, and do this relationship in the right order. She agrees, so it seems there’s hope for them yet. I hope it works out; they’re really cute together.

Last week was a dynamite episode, but the plot-points this week mostly fell flat on account of just being way too bizarre, and Raj and Anu’s story line is a bit predictable.