Once out of imminent danger, they begin to get a little settled. Because of the situation, they will be stuck on the planet for a while until they can figure out what to do about getting up to the resolute. Maureen, John, and Judy have taken off in the chariot to look for other survivors in hopes of contacting the mother ship. We come across Don, Angela, and Debbie the chicken. Now, remember June (Dr. Smith) left Don and Angela during that storm to save herself. But I like Don’s character, he brings humor into the situation and knowledge. He’s also a mechanic on the Resolute but we don’t know much about him outside of that. The Robinson’s learn from the Watanabe’s some pertinent information about the creatures on this planet and try to figure out some sort of additional fuel resources. They continue to try and contact the resolute which means another exploration adventure.

Will is spending more time with the robot and Judy (who’s an 18-year-old doctor) is treating Angela, who has been pretty much comatose since she was rescued. It could be shock or grief, but when Judy begins treating her, she learns the real reason the robot was on the Resolute. She panics and tries talking to Will about what really happened on the resolute. Judy learns that Will already knew and she tries to contact their parents to alert them of the situation.  As usual, June is up to no good and she now has the gun in her possession and she all but forces Will to take his little journey to hide the robot. But to me, the real threat seems to be June and not the robot. The real question is, is why were the robots on the Resolute in the first place.

Maureen, John, and Don reach their destination and find out that it’s a gigantic piece of the resolute that has broken off. Blown off, who knows. They don’t know what actually happened and learn some more disturbing news. The reason they can’t contact the resolute is that their satellite is on the planet with them. John and Maureen also learn who Don really is and mechanic and a smuggler. On top of that vital equipment that they needed is gone.

While on their trip to the cave they run into more people and try to hide the robot in the process but are caught by Vijay. Who they end up blackmailing to keep quiet. They manage to make it to the cave without any more hinderances and stash the robot. They learn that their parents won’t be back until in the morning and Judy struggles with telling her mom the truth about the robot. She is still apprehensive about what the robot will actually do and if it will harm them. Meanwhile, June is hot on their trail. She seems to want something but what is it. We know that when she goes back to the resolute she is in big trouble. So she needs something to protect herself from those who would lock her up.

The kids learn more and more about themselves on this journey and they begin to become closer. The kids head home and leave the robot in the cave for his protection. Will is afraid of what may happen to him when everyone finds out that he was there to destroy the resolute. And now June knows where the robot is since she basically manipulated Will into hiding him. Their parents are headed back to Jupiter 2 and alert the others about the satellite. In the end Judy doesn’t tell her parents about who the robot really is and gives Will time to tell their parents.

We are also starting to see exactly what June is up too and not only does she manipulate people, she is trying to manipulate the robot as well. She is smart and seems to know exactly what to do, to get people on her side. No matter who it hurts and how much trouble it causes everyone. She is only concerned with trying to survive on the resolute. She brought all of this upon herself though, to be honest. I am sure we will get to see all of June’s tricks in order to survive her inevitable fate of imprisonment aboard the resolute. Will we ever see her sister Jessica again? Will she be captured and thrown into a cell? Will she get a chance to gain the assistance of the robot or will he always be there for Will only? There are a lot of secrets aboard the ship, even though they are moving to a new planet. People never change is basically the tone of the show. No matter where you go there is always going to be someone who only thinks of themselves.