Hokko Life is in development thanks to Robert Tatnell, who has worked on titles such as Fable, Wolfenstein, and Killzone. If I had to compare Hokko Life to any other video game, I’d say it’s similar to the beloved work of Animal Crossing. Mainly because it’s a life simulator with adorable animal neighbors; however, there are some striking differences between the two.


Source: Hokko Life

You begin Hokko Life hopping off a train into your new home where friendships will blossom and the town is your oyster. As a member of this developing society, your job is to design fashion and furniture for your neighbors. You can even create a special outfit for each of your pals! Customization is emphasized in this game; one can change everything from the skin tone of your avatar to the materials you use in your creations. There is even a unique painting tool that allows players to make shirts, wallpaper, and flooring.


Source: Hokko Life

Along with allowing creativity to guide players, there are a variety of other activities. These include exploring mines and forests to gather material as well as fishing, butterfly catching, and farming. Catching fish allows players to unlock new customization options while plants are used for decoration or resources. If finding bugs makes you squeamish, don’t worry; players will be working with a local nature researcher to identify these beautiful creatures.


Source: Hokko Life

The best part of any town is the creatures that inhabit it. As the city progresses, villagers will hop off the train, much like you did, and declare this land their home. It’s up to players to build them a unique home that fits their style. When players talk to their neighbors, they will have visible reactions such as happy or angry which is triggered by dialogue. Players will also have the ability to play online with their friends!


Hokko Life doesn’t have an official PC release date; however, be sure to check out the Discord for further developments!