Online gaming is on the rise. This has been an undeniable trend since its widespread adaptation a few decades ago. However, the pandemic, with its confinements and safety measures, has encouraged a skyrocketing of online gaming. 

But where in the world is it spreading most? And among which people? Let’s take a look at some of the factors influencing this trend and exactly where we are headed. 

What Do We Mean When We Say Spread?

The way gaming spreads can happen in many ways. Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind, perhaps because of the word choice, is geographic. However, online gaming has been spreading in many other ways over the last few years.

When we measure and analyze the spread of online gaming, we are also thinking about sectors of the economy where it was not previously experiencing growth and in demographic groups that are taking up this leisure activity. 

Photo by Yan Krukov from Pexels

Geographically Speaking

One of the ways to think about the spread of online gaming is geographical. In this sense, even though the internet is global, we are thinking about people in different countries and regions logging on and signing up for online games.

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India is not alone in this new trend. China, Nigeria, and other emerging economies have large populations that are looking for new forms of entertainment. With the growth of leisure industries and the dissemination of high-speed internet, we can expect online gaming to continue to spread geographically for some time.

Demographic Spread

Another way for us to think about the spread of online gaming is to think of demographics. While we have reviewed how online gaming is spreading wide around the world, it is also spreading deep, into new demographics, in places where it already has a strong foothold. 

One of the biggest trends in the last few years has been the growth of female gamers. We can see this in many ways, both in the creators and the consumers of video games. This is clearly a huge potential growth in the market, so online gaming companies would be smart to support this trend. 

Esports Bring in Entirely New Angle

Esports represents a whole new angle for new fans of online gaming. It brings the competitions that were normally domestic affairs into stadiums. 

This growth comes in the form of teams and fans. You can suddenly argue with your friends about which celebrity player will win a video game. There has been a subsequent growth in sponsors and marketing in esports as well. 

Esports represent new ways that online gaming is entering society. Another example of this type of spread has been the growth in respecting video games a s a form of art, on the level of movies or novels. 

What’s Causing These Changes? 

With so many trends happening at the same time, it is normal to ask what is causing them all to converge. 

Some of the reasons for the increased popularity of online gaming is technological. With the increase in mobile digital technology and virtual reality, more and more people are able to sign up. Making it easy to do is a golden rule for making sure more people do it. 

Others are purely economic. As the GDP of India, Brazil, and other emerging economies grows, so does their access to high-level computing devices. In order to play online gaming, you need a smartphone, computer, or tablet, and a fast and reliable internet connection. This requires both collective and individual wealth. 

But the most important point may be time. As online gaming settles into mainstream society, becomes normalized, and even respected as an art form, its spread can seem inevitable.