Valorant is competitive gameplay where you attack and defend with weapons and tactical skills. Valorant, which was released on June 2, 2020, became many people’s favorite in a short time. Also, with the pandemic, it reached a large player base. All the players loved to watch and play, and many Valorant tournaments where teams of professional players competed with each other attracted a large audience.

As the VALORANT Champions 2022 tournament approaches, everyone is starting to wonder how the teams will perform. For the curious, we have prepared a guide to list the top five teams most likely to win before the tournament.

We’ve also included these teams’ roster, their success in tournaments, and their latest matches in this guide. If you’re a Valorant fan, check out this guide.

  1. OpTic Gaming

OpTic Gaming is an American esports organization. The team, formerly Envy, was transferred to OpTic Gaming in 2021. Certainly, there are many reasons why Optic Gaming is on this list. 

Before we talk about all these achievements, let’s take a look at the player roster:

  • FNS (Pujan Mehta)
  • Victor (Victor Wong)
  • crashies (Austin Roberts)
  • yay (Austin Roberts)
  • Marved (Jimmy Nguyen)
  • çet (Chet Singh) : Coach

Advancing with FNS’s in-team leadership and çet’s coaching, OpTic Gaming became the first in the Masters – Reykjavík tournament by defeating the LOUD team 3:0.

Although they started the tournament by losing to XERXIA Esports, they later achieved a winning streak and won the trophy. In addition, although they lost 2:1 in the first match against the LOUD team they faced in the final, they defeated the opposing team 3:0 in the rematch and became the first. Thus, OpTic Gaming proved their mastery in the rematches to the whole world by adapting after each defeat and making up for their mistakes.

Especially this season, it is worth paying attention to the Valorant betting odds of teams like OpTic Gaming. Because they are very strong teams and seem to be favorites for the tournament.

OpTic Gaming Achievement

  • VCT 2022: Stage 1 Masters – Reykjavík: 1st 
  • VCT 2022: North America Stage 1 Challengers: 2nd 

The last 3 matches played by OpTic Gaming belong to VCT 2022: Stage 1 Masters – Reykjavík: tournament. One of these 3 matches was with the ZETA team, and they defeated their opponent by 3:0. The other two were with the LOUD team, losing 1:2 in one and winning 3:0 in the rematch.

If you’re betting on Valorant, consider that OpTic Gaming is one of the top teams, having won 12 out of 17 matches played in tournaments since February 2022.

  1. G2 Esports

G2 Esports is a Spanish esports organization that brings together good players in some competitive games like Valorant. Also, It is a European league team and has achieved many successes in Valorant. Thanks to its success, G2 Esports should, of course, be on our list.

Before we talk about the achievements of G2 Esports, which has made changes to its player roster this year, let’s take a look at its current active roster:

  • mixwell (Óscar Cañellas Colocho)
  • nukkye (Žygimantas Chmieliauskas)
  • AvovA (Auni Chahade)
  • hoody (Aaro Peltokangas)
  • Meddo (Johan Renbjörk Lundborg)
  • pipsoN (Daniel Meshcheryakov): Coach

G2 Esports is not a surprise team. Because since 2020, it has already become one of the favorite teams by taking many tops. It has outstripped other teams by winning in all Ignition Series events in the region since June 2020.

G2 Esports has not been able to catch the be first in their last tournament, but it still offers great hope as the most unsuccessful tournament result is 6th place. Still, if you are betting and you may have questions about G2 Esports.

To clarify your ideas, we have listed the tournaments they participated in.

G2 Esports Achievement

  • VCT 2022: Stage 1 Masters – Reykjavík: 5 – 6th
  • VCT 2022: EMEA Stage 1 Challengers: 2nd
  • VCT 2021: Stage 3 Masters – Berlin: 3 – 4th
  • VCT 2021: Europe Stage 3 Challengers 1: 2nd
  • Red Bull Home Ground: 1st (2021)
  • BLAST Twitch Invitational: 1st (2020)
  • LVL Clash 2: 1st (2020)
  • Cup: 1st (2020)
  • WePlay! Invitational: 1st (2020)
  • Vitality European Open: 1st (2020)

The last three matches played are at the VCT 2022: Stage 1 Masters – Reykjavík. The G2 Esports, while beating the ZETA team 2:0 in one of these 3 matches, they were defeated by Paper REX and LOUD teams in two matches played.

  1. The Guard

The Guard esports is an American organization. It was founded by Kroenke Sports & Entertainment.

So, let’s take a look the active player roster of The Guard:

  • neT (Michael Bernet)
  • valyn (Jacob Batio)
  • JonahP (Jonah Pulice)
  • Sayaplayer (Ha Jung-woo)
  • trent (Trent Cairns)
  • mCe (Matthew Elmore) : Coach

This team is essential thanks to its titles in tournaments such as VCT 2022: North America Stage 1 Challengers and NSG: Winter Championship – Open 14.

So by examining The Guard’s achievements, you can speculate on what they might do in the upcoming tournament.

The Guard Achievements

  • VCT 2022: Stage 1 Masters – Reykjavik: 7 – 8th
  • VCT 2022: North America Stage 1 Challengers: 1st
  • NSG: Winter Championship: 5th – 8th (2022)
  • VCT 2022: NA Stage 1 Challengers – Open Qualifier 1: 1-4th
  • NSG: Winter Championship – Open 14: 1st (2022)
  • NSG: Frag Valorant Major – Fullerton: 5th – 8th (2021)
  • NSG: Winter Championship – Open 7: 9-16th (2021)

Of the last 3 matches The Guard played this year, 2 were for the VCT 2022: Stage 1 Masters – Reykjavík tournament. In one of these two matches, they lost to the Paper REX team. Afterward, the other match was with OpTic Gaming. All in all, OpTic Gaming defeated them in two of the 3 games played.

Additionally, the other match was at the VCT 2022: North America Stage 1 Challengers tournament, where they won first place. They defeated OpTic Gaming 3:2 in this tournament.

Are you a good Valorant player? Probably every player’s dream is to be able to play for quality Esports teams like on our list. So, do you know how to switch from casual gaming to professional gaming? If you don’t then try to spare a few minutes for our article.

  1. LOUD

A surprise team born from Brazil, LOUD! LOUD, which took the stage with its talented young roster and achieved surprising success, should definitely be known by those who want to bet or Valorant enthusiasts.

Firstly, Let’s start getting to know this team by learning about the player roster. 

So, here is the LOUD active roster:

  • aspas (Erick Santos)
  • Less (Felipe Basso)
  • pancada (Bryan Luna)
  • saadhak (Matias Delipetro)
  • Sacy (Gustavo Rossi)
  • bzkA (Matheus Tarasconi) : Coach

Although LOUD Valorant is a team that has just entered the competition, it seems like it will make a name for itself. As a result, most people follow LOUD’s games with interest.

To minimize your curiosity and so you can speculate on LOUD’s future, we’ve listed their achievements and talked about the last games they played.

LOUD Achievements

  • VCT 2022: Stage 1 Masters – Reykjavik: 2nd
  • VCT 2022: Brazil Stage 1 Challengers: 1st

LOUD has won 9 of the last 10 games played this year. The only match they lost was the final match against OpTic Gaming at the VCT 2022: Stage 1 Masters – Reykjavík tournament. Although they were able to beat OpTic Gaming 2:1 in the previous game, they lost in the final game and took the second seat.


ZETA DIVISION, formerly known as JUPITER, is a Japanese esports organization. No one expected the success of ZETA DIVISION. Similarly, a surprise team like LOUD.

So, to get to know this surprise team, let’s first take a look at the active roster:

  • Laz (Koji Ushida)
  • crow (Tomoaki Maruoka)
  • Dep (Yuma Hashimoto)
  • SugarZ3ro (Shota Watanabe)
  • TENNN (Tenta Asai)
  • JUNIOR (Yuya Sawada): Coach
  • XQQ (Hibiki Motoyama): Coach

Many people wonder what ZETA DIVISION, which stands out with its top performances, will do in future matches.

Therefore, we have listed the achievements of ZETA DIVISION, which is one of the favorite teams thanks to its many first prizes.

As you know, Valorant has grown rapidly in 2 years. Zeta DIVISION is just one of the teams that has proven itself as part of this growth. Have you ever thought about the reason for Valorant’s great success?

ZETA DIVISION Achievements

  • VCT 2022: Stage 1 Masters – Reykjavík : 3rd
  • VCT 2021: Japan Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs: 1st
  • VCT 2021: Japan Stage 1 Masters: 2nd
  • eGG esports challenge G-Tune VALORANT INVITATIONAL: 1st (2020)
  • First Strike Japan: 1st (2020)
  • Mildom Masters: 1st (2020)
  • A.W EXTREME MASTERS Pro Invitational: 1st (2020)
  • GALLERIA GLOBAL CHALLENGE 2020: 1st (2020)
  • RAGE Japan Tournament:1st (2020)
  • RAGE Invitational: 1st (2020)

The last 3 matches they played belong to the VCT 2022: Stage 1 Masters – Reykjavík tournament, and they lost to OpTic Gaming in only one of these 3 matches. On the other hand, they played the other two matches against Paper Rex and DRX, beating both 2:1.