It is necessary to take into account that no simulator will not fully prepare you to go out on the actual roads. This requires practice in real road conditions. 

But also opportunities for simulators for PC and other devices should not be underestimated. This is a great way to adapt to the car and understand its physics and behavior. This is also an opportunity in a virtual world to learn the rules of the road, learn new maneuvers, and adapt to a mechanical or automatic transmission. 

Not all car-driving games can help with this. Therefore, we suggest you get acquainted with the top driving simulators on PC, which have the maximum realism, and also offer all the necessary opportunities for obtaining useful skills and knowledge.

City Car Driving. 

If we talk about the best car driving simulators, then behind the wheel of a car in this game, you can learn a lot. Although the car graphics are not perfect, the engine simulator is 100% implemented. One of the best projects in its segment. Yes, the game is a little outdated because the last version was released back in 2016. But still, this does not prevent you from fully immersing yourself in the driving process. Here are available different roads, numerous road signs, and a variety of road markings. Also successfully implemented traffic and traffic jams. And believe me, here you will not be passed by polite drivers. You will be confronted with reality. Pedestrians behave unpredictably here. Constantly changing weather conditions and time of day. You have to perform complex tasks presented in conventional driving schools. The game is realistic, and from this point of view, it is difficult. Project City Car Driving will be your virtual mentor as a novice driver. There are nine cars with elaborate physics to choose from.

PDD Driving Simulator. 

The most interesting project for personal computers was developed by the specialists in Forward Development. The release took place only in 2019, that is, it is a relatively new simulator. The game was developed specifically for those who do not have driving skills but want to get them. The simulator is closer to the real conditions, to feel all the delights of urban traffic and driving on the streets. You have to navigate signs, find a parking space, carefully park without hindering others, and stop at gas stations. With the help of settings, it is possible to change the weather, road surface, drive another car, and so on. And there are more than cars available for the simulator, trucks and sports cars can be found too. Also, it is possible to choose between automatic and manual gearboxes. If you include random events mode, the realism of the simulator will increase even more. For example, other vehicles will violate traffic rules, cut you off on purpose, cause accidents, and behave inadequately on the roads. To successfully pass the tests in the simulator, you will have to adapt to the weather conditions, maintain the distance, calculate the braking distance, react to pedestrians, control traffic lights, not break traffic rules, and so on.

Gran Turismo 7. 

In addition to computers, the game is available for gaming consoles Play Station 5. The racing simulator was not released until December 2020. Gran Turismo is the most popular line of racing simulators. A very realistic project where many new cars, modes, and driving conditions will be available. The developers promise that in terms of car movement, everything will be implemented exactly according to the laws of physics. The simulator has become a reliable source of information about all the cars that are available here. The simulation was engaged with an in-depth study of the documents and the behavior on the tracks and tracks of real cars. The new version includes not only racing but also the opportunity to be trained in a driving school. Accidents and consequences of collisions are detailed. Graphics at the highest level. Plus, in the game, you can use additional reality glasses for full immersion in the process.

Project Cars 3. 

The creators promise that the new version will be worked out much better in comparison with its predecessors. The racing process is represented very realistically. Sometimes you will have to pass qualifying runs for a few hours to hold the race for five minutes and beat your opponent by a fraction of a second when crossing the finish line. For players, the simulator offers a rich selection of cars, a variety of tracks, weather conditions, and maximum realism. You even have to drive to pit stops. Otherwise, you will be disqualified. If you get into an accident, the race is over for you.

Driving simulator – a great way to train, learn the traffic rules, and learn to understand the signs and markings, without going out on the real road. Not for nothing even in driving schools actively implement lessons in simulators. With such games at home on the computer, you will be better able to prepare for exams, so they are easier and faster. This will enable you to get a license and confidently go out into the city without an instructor.