We learn who “Dr. Smith” really is. And she is definitely not who she says she is. She has stolen her sister Jessica’s identity and stowed away on the resolute. She seems to be some sort of criminal on earth. But the thing is, she is extremely clever. Even fooling her sister. Jessica seems kind of uppity and feels pity for June (Dr. Smith) and leaves her all her worldly possessions since she is about to leave Earth for good. But June is having none of that. So when dons her sister’s clothes, a wig, and takes the chip out of her arm and escapes. Meanwhile, the Robinson’s are examining their actual situation. They are somewhere, but definitely not where they are supposed to be. They know that there are other Jupiter’s around but they have to do some work in order to get there. Right away you can sense some tension between Maureen and John. I can relate to Maureen to an extent because she is just looking at the situation logically and just trying to keep things together while trying to figure out just what Dr. Smith is really up too. Because as we know, she is not good. She is what I would consider all about self-preservation.

So, now they are trying to adjust to a new planet, gather their bearings and formulate a plan to get back to the resolute. However, they are stuck in ice and we learned in episode one. Judy is also dealing with almost dying in the same ice because of the planet’s extreme weather. John tries to help her to cope with it, but she just pushes it to the back burner; in front of her dad at least. But when she stops the treadmill, you can feel the fear. And if any of yall are claustrophobic like me, then I can completely relate. I freak out if I get a shirt stuck over my head, let alone being trapped in a spacesuit under some ice. I am traumatized by just watching this. Anywho, back to Dr. Smith. Who seems to be gathering intel on the entire family, but to what end. Is she a good guy? Hell no, she will show her true colors sooner or later. But in the meantime, she is leaving clues as to what she is really about. Are the clues intentional or is she unaware of the fact that she is being watched just as she is watching?

We all know that the Robinson’s seem to draw trouble to themselves and there seems to be a disaster at every turn. So now, not only are they stuck in the ice, their engines are kaput. Maureen devises a plan to get them up and running but there is tension between the two. He calls her on it and she eases up just a smidge, but still treats him like an outsider. But, back to those clues that are being discovered. Maureen has noticed that someone has printed something on the 3d printer, but who was it and what was it. And what is in the water at the bottom of the ships?  Before they can discover what it is Maureen, conducting her own little investigation, asks John if he printed something on the printer he says no. So she goes to Dr. Smith, who lies her way right out of the situation. But you get the feeling that she is now on Maureen’s radar.

We have learned quite a bit in this episode and we are learning more and more about our characters. Dr. Smith is a manipulator and only cares about saving herself. Each of the Robinson’s has had to come to terms with who they really are and what they are capable of and swallow some hard truths about themselves and their family. And we still don’t know much about the robot. And just like a fairytale ending, they manage to get free of the ice and find a safer place to crash land. Dr. Smith will use that to her advantage because let’s face it, she doesn’t care about anyone but herself although she has some moments.

So, for now, all of the crew is safe and sound; the fuel is gone but they are safe nonetheless. There is still apprehension about the robot and his intentions but for now, he is Will’s savior and has helped the family. Even the colors in his face have changed from red to blue. Once they escaped the ice, they have the ability to contact the other ships and the resolute. But before its all sunshine and rainbows, June is a whole criminal and is being dealt with. That is where all her trouble starts. Then we truly learn why the robots ended up on the resolute in the first place.

But before the episode ends, the robot has found a gun. Who printed it? I have my speculations but let’s find out together.