Welcome readers to our review of “The Inner World”.  Released in 2013, “The Inner World” follows the story of Robert in a journey that started out simple but quickly snowballed out of control. Excellent graphics for the genre, adequate puzzles, and a captivating original story, this game is sure to be an enjoyable experience for most casual gamers.

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Photo Source: The Inner World – Studio Fizbin (Developer) – Headup (Publisher)

Firstly, the story players follow is very interesting as they are exploring a whole new world filled with interesting creators and people. Robert has spent his whole life locked away from society by a man named Conroy. Conroy has spent many years filling Roberts mind with lies and insecurities all for the sake of a sinister plot. However, one day, Robert manages to escape the place he once called home in search of a treasure lost by Conroy.

This of course opens Roberts eyes to a whole new side of life as he interacts with this new environment which eventually leads him to a new discovery about himself. This discovery leads him down a new path to find a way to save his world. We left out several details in order not to spoil anything major in the game as the plot is the one of the greatest take aways from this game.

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Photo Source: The Inner World – Studio Fizbin (Developer) – Headup (Publisher)

Overall, “The Inner World” is a good quality game with very few issues. The mechanics of the game are very simple but also have markers that allow you to see what Robert can interact with which can be helpful.Aside from that, there are also the options to receive hints from the help system.

The art used and the animations are pretty decent too. The look and feel for Asposia really gives the game a sense that your in another world which is truly a delight. However the colorful characters are the reason we find ourselves wanted to play this game multiple times.  Furthermore, the soundtrack was also a pleasant compliment to the game.

What really makes this game a must play for casual gamers is the fact that the puzzles are nothing to obscene and unreasonable.  Moving forward, a player has an idea of what they should be doing but when games make the puzzles so abstract and illogical, it can make the game less challenging but rather more frustrating as most will be at a total lose of what to do. Bust as we said, this game takes their puzzles and makes them challenging enough that the player will enjoy solving them but not so odd that it is almost impossible to guess what should be done next.

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Photo Source: The Inner World – Studio Fizbin (Developer) – Headup (Publisher)

We would like to thank you for taking the time to read our review of “The Inner World”, we would recommend this game to casual players looking for a little something new. If you like what you read, then be sure to leave a like, comment with your opinions of the game and share this on social media. Furthermore, this game has a sequel so if you would like to see our review of that then please let us know.

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