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HTGAWM S5 E13 “Where Are Your Parents?”

So, its Christmas time on HTGAWM. The gang is having Christmas together and gets saddled with Gabriel. Who is angry by the way, for being spied on? Now I am not exactly sure why he is so pissed off because well, he had ulterior motives too. We just happen to know about it now. He was doing shady things behind their backs and he is really surprised that they were on to him. He should have anticipated that. Annalise is also having a Christmas dinner at her house and she invited Emmett and Tegan and Nate. Dinner seems to go fine until Tegan let it slip that she knew about her and Ron. Which was supposedly a secret but everyone knew. Insert a big fat whatever? Either Tegan is a friend or foe. Or she could just be out for herself. Which seems to be the case seeing as how she went after Laurel’s dad.

Then boom, the FBI shows up at the house with a warrant for Oliver and Connor’s wedding photos. So that is one other thing they have to over-analyze and freak out about. In the end, the FBI takes Oliver’s laptop. Annalise then has to go to an interview with the FBI as well. They have offered her immunity, but for what exactly. They have been digging up information on Annalise since season one but they are always looking in the wrong place. Now, everyone is just trying to deal with what is happening all on there own. And it seems that Gabriel has finally gotten his closure about Sam, but has he really? Why now? Why didn’t he come when Sam first died, that would have made for better TV.

I’m also not liking this sad, sappy, woe is me version of Annalise. Her character development has just come to a complete standstill. She was strong and always had a plan or a way out of any predicament. Even throwing her “friends” under the bus to do so. Now she just wants to save herself, what is the point of the show now, and yes I know season 6 is the last season but that doesn’t mean that that has to set the tone for the rest of the show. Then the worst part she is a little attracted to Emmett and he is definitely attracted to her. But it seems to me like she and Tegan got a little something brewing.

Everyone is kind of reflecting on the events that took place that placed them in the positions they are in now. Bonnie thinking she was pregnant, but the test was negative. Annalise, accepting the interview with Telesco. Laurel hiding evidence for Bonnie and Gabriel realizing his mistakes with Michaela. But Telesco makes a mistake with Tegan and fraternizes with her so-called informant. Which puts a wrench in the FBI’s plans when Tegan spills the beans. What really baffles me throughout this whole season is why Annalise keeps believing Birkhead.


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