Stevie’s moving on from the motel but not without David tagging along to her new job interview. Photosource: CBC

Every couple in the Rose family is our favorite couple, but episode three of season six of Schitt’s Creek starts with the one that has been tragically eclipsed since last season’s finale: Alexis and Ted.

Since Ted hasn’t been in the last couple of episodes it’s nice to see his return and get an update on the Galapagos trip that was a key plot point last season. Despite discovering a new species of flies, Ted’s greatest achievement thus far is growing a killer beard in such a short time. Although it doesn’t seem like enough to make this long-distance relationship satisfying for either of them right now.

Over ten days have passed since their last video call and both have been missing the other tremendously. Alas, it seems as though having waited all this time and they still can’t be alone together since there is not a thimble of privacy or boundaries among the Rose family. First David walks in on their intimate conversation followed shortly by both Johnny and Moira. Ever the friendly man, Ted is sure to greet each of them as Alexis tries to throw them out. Like the other couples on this show, these two really just balance each other out so well.

Speaking of, Patrick is mysteriously missing this episode, but we have Stevie front and center to clash with David in his place. With this new moving-on mentality, she calls David over to ask his advice on what to wear to an interview with an airline. After discussing the position for all of ten seconds David is sure he can be a better interviewee than Stevie and decides to come to the open interview to compete with her for a flight attendant job. This goes as well as anyone would predict. David tries too hard to please the potential employer and is dismissed from qualifying for the job before Stevie is. Which must be a relief to all the patrons of Rose Apothecary. Of course, ever the sore loser, David initially resents Stevie’s success but is quickly soothed after Stevie forces an admission from him and he takes a few shots at the subpar conditions on this budget airline. It’s a bit of comedic relief that underscores the more concerning matter here, the time may be coming up when David will have to say goodbye to his best friend as she moves on with her life potentially away from Schitt’s Creek. Which actually might be the case for both of them.

Without Stevie, the official owner, Johnny can’t get a loan from the bank to buy the new motel. Six seasons later and Moira is still itching to get out of Schitt’s Creek and can’t just sit by and so joins the crusade in expanding the Rosebud motel empire. Johnny, Moira, Roland, and Jocelyn turn to a suddenly affluent-looking Bob to pressure him in investing in the motel. Using the pretense of a group dinner, the gang lures him to the Schitt’s home where they present the opportunity to invest in the motel as a lucrative and well-sought out offer. Unfortunately, that plan is out the window when Bob confesses that his wife Gwen has left him for a pastor and his new expensive leather look is really just a desperate attempt to get her back. So it’s back to square one for the Roses.

When Johnny hears the new motels been sold before he can get the assets together both he and Moira are upset but undeterred from their quest to grow this new business into something real and profitable. However, in a turn of events that no one saw coming, the Schitt’s come to the rescue. Roland and Jocelyn took out a second mortgage and used it to buy the new motel, now becoming official partners in the business. We’ve seen these two couples cross swords plenty of times over the years so it’s immensely satisfying to see the character growth that leads them to work together on the same team in this final season.

And they aren’t the only ones capable of patching things up well. After a disastrous attempt at bonding in which Alexis bought a turtle, named it Ted, and then immediately lost it, human Ted arranges for her to have a private ride and dinner at the cafe where they can finally celebrate their anniversary and see and speak to each other free of interruptions. Since this couple has been on ice for a bit we didn’t really know how this online reunion would go, but it’s nice to see that this long-awaited couple is just as thoughtful and in love as ever. The only question remains when will they get to see each other in person again?

We’ll just have to keep watching week to week to finally see that inevitably emotional scene, along with countless others on our list. This third episode seems to continue the foreshadowing of a final destination for the Rose family. When they came to Schitt’s Creek six season ago they all hated it and wanted out, and slowly we’re getting the hints that now it seems like they might all get the opportunity to escape it soon. But these are not the same conceited Roses we first met. The challenges of this town have led each Rose to blossom into a fully developed and mature character, and for a town that gave them new friends, new love, and new business, will they actually bring themselves to leave if they get the chance?

Even die-hard fans couldn’t say for certain. There are still many episodes left this season. Only time will tell.