Spoilers may be talked about below, so please be sure to watch the latest episode before reading on! This review is based off of the dub version of Super that currently airs on Toonami.

After the time traveling madness of the Future Trunks Saga, Episode 68 of Dragon Ball Super was actually a back to every day life type of episode.

A lot of it was simply filler besides Bulma trying to get her present version of the time machine in working order — using notes that her future self gave her through Future Trunks. She actually ended up needing a specialized crystal that could only be found in the future she theorized and as luck would have had it, Goku was on a quest of his own to gather all seven Dragon Balls and finally wish King Kai back to life.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 68 1

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Bulma being the crafty one let Goku use her Dragon Ball Radar to find the orbs and then secretly schemed to use the second wish that Shenron can grant to give her a supply of the crystal she needed. She kept this wish of hers a complete secret from Goku cause she’s afraid he’ll tell Whis and Beerus who have secretly prohibited her from meddling with time. As Goku went along his way, luck will have it that the two divine beings randomly show up behind her, wanting her to take them out for delicious earth food.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 68 2

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Elsewhere, Eighteen is out shopping with Chi Chi in a mall and Eighteen starts wondering what to get for Krillian since he always gets things for her and their daughter, Marren. Also elsewhere, the Turtle Hermit Master Roshi along with Oolong are both bored wasting away their days on their small island and wish that there was some excitement again in their lives like back in the original Dragon Ball.

Bulma decides to take the pair of gods out for seafood to distract them as Goku gathers all the Dragon Balls alone. He does it all in a matter of minutes thanks to both the Dragon Ball Radar and his Instant Transmission technique and returns back to Capsule Corp, summoning Shenron for himself. As the gods are munching on crabs oblivious to what’s behind them, Bulma notices the clouds are darkening and Shenron is summoned causing her to pay the waiter in stacks of money as Beerus and Whis continue eating and making her slip out of the restaurant, heading back to Capsule Corp.

Just as Goku is about to make his first wish and revive King Kai he’s stopped by Master Roshi, Eighteen and Oolong who rush onto the scene. All four of them begin to bicker over which two can make the wishes while Shenron is actually fearful of Beerus and Whis showing up at anytime. While the four heroes start arguing and making a scene, Pilaf per chance walks by and notices what’s all happening. Him being him, he makes a mad dash to the dragon but then Goten and Trunks show up; accidentally flying right through Pilaf who goes crashing into a wall. The kids then demand that they get a wish granted since all the adults keep making them all the time. All of them then start arguing again.

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Pilaf comes to his senses thanks to Mai and ends up running to the dragon again, but is stepped on and sent deep underground by an urgent Gohan who lands on him in a hurry due to Pan having an incurable fever. Everyone stops bickering and gives the first wish to Gohan, who wishes for Shenron to heal Pan, which the dragon easily does. Gohan then ends up flying away just as quickly as he arrived with Pan and everyone ends up bickering once more with each other. King Kai then intervenes telepathically and tells everyone to be quiet and let Goku wish him back to life. Everyone disagrees and ask why he should be brought back to life since it won’t make any difference. King Kai fires back at them that it makes a huge difference and that being alive feels different then being a spirit.

Pilaf climbs out of the hole he was in and once again runs towards Shenron, but Mai warns him to just give up and do it another day. Which she is right about since Bulma ends up driving into view in a rush and crashes right into Pilaf sending him flying away back to where he crashed earlier by Goten and Trunks, Pilaf then admits defeat and walks away. Bulma on the other hand demands to know why everyone is at her place and they state they want the last wish for themselves. Bulma freaks out and yells at Goku over why there’s only one wish left. Goku says it’s a long story about Gohan.

Eventually Bulma finds a solution for everything. Even for her own crystal issue. She first gives Master Roshi a car filled with bikini clad women that she called for, causing him to faint once he makes it into the car. For Eighteen, she offers some enlightening marriage advice and also offers her a briefcase of cash for knocking Oolong far, far away — who she just randomly assumed would make a stupid wish again for the worlds most comfortable panties and he never got to say what he wanted. Next u,p she talks to both of the kids and ask them what they want, Trunks then says that he actually didn’t think that far ahead and has no idea what to wish for from Shenron. Okay…

Then she turns her attention to Goku and makes a deal with him. She admits that she needs a special crystal that forms at the center of the earth and want’s him to go after it. Goku at first is hesitant but then Bulma say’s he can wear a special suit and get it. If Goku can do this for her, she’ll let him have the final wish. Shenron on the other hand is getting impatient with everyone and is urging everyone to hurry up and for someone to make a wish to him, he’s also freaking out cause of Beerus being right there.

While Goku is in the center of the earth’s core, Whis and Beerus sense that something is up and instantly warp to him. They ask him just what exactly he’s up to and Goku being Goku leads the two gods back to Bulma. Instantly Beerus knew what she was up too once he saw the crystal Goku got and then blows up her lab that contained not just the time machine she was working on earlier but all notes that her future self wrote about time travel! On top of this, Beerus spooks out Shenron so much, causing the dragon to shake being so close to the god of destruction. Yet because of all this, Goku finally gets to wish King Kai back to life, but before he ever can… Time runs out for the dragon and Shenron vanishes away causing Goku to never get to use his wish. This enrages King Kai as he calls Goku a mindless idiot to close out the episode. Cue the credits!

As you can see, this was totally a stand alone episode with nothing major at all happening outside of Bulma trying to have a working time machine for herself. Which if you think about things plot wise, would make sense and be pretty handy for future issues with newer villains and this also fixes a paradox where the time machine HAS to be made eventually by Bulma; but then with the time machine getting destroyed by Beerus, perhaps that is what HAS to happen in order for Bulma to make a far better time machine that actually works easily. Time travel sure is legit confusing at times!

When I saw that Goku was going to after the seven Dragon Balls again, I got flash back to the old days of the Dragon Ball anime and manga where kid Goku, teen Bulma and all the others went around the world gathering each orb and getting caught up in the crazy global adventure due to it. That sadly, wasn’t the case in this episode. In what could have been stretched out to a few episodes was actually wrapped up in a matter of seconds with Goku grabbing all of the Dragon Balls off screen and returning to Capsule Corp in a matter of just under an hour or so in the anime’s world.

What I did find unique was actually two things in the episode. Thanks to Oolong appearing and wanting to get a wish, we got a nice flashback to the original Dragon Ball anime of Oolong wishing for the worlds most comfortable panties ironically stopping an older Pilaf back in the day. But what was unique about this flashback was that it didn’t use the original animation from there but a rather much more high definition, cleaned up version of the scene. I’m not sure if the original Dragon Ball anime ever received a modern Dragon Ball Kai-like Blu Ray quality update to the series, but if it did, that flashback must have come from there.

The other thing that I liked and found fun was Goku finally acknowledging the fact that King Kai is dead. He’s been dead since the end of the Cell Saga in Dragon Ball Z when Goku teleported the then about to explode Cell to King Kai’s planet to save earth, blowing all of them up in the process there. While King Kai’s planet and everything else returned to a normal status quo, King Kai was still dead in the other world. But this never stopped the kai from always helping Goku and everyone out when he can. So it’s nice that they finally addressed this really old plot thread finally, even if there was still no resolution for King Kai.

Overall this was indeed a filler episode and if you missed it, you didn’t miss much of anything besides the time machine getting destroyed by Beerus. It’s the strange stop gap episode before anything major happens, which tend to bookend almost all of the big sagas in Super. It’s the one thing that Super tends to be bad with all the time, those exceptionally dragged out yet decent fillers.

While it’s great to have character building moments, most of it isn’t needed anymore with these characters since we all know who they are and what their goals are from their time in Dragon Ball, Z and even GT. The only characters who should get the focus on them are the truly new characters like Beerus, Whis, Zeno, Cabba, Hit, etc. while Goku and the others interact with them. Thankfully though I believe the next few episodes will focus on such a thing as we start moving forward to the final saga of the series!