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***This post contains major spoilers for episode 3×10: The Book of Markovia: Chapter One: Blessings and Curses Reborn.” ***

After the events of crisis on infinite earth’s, Black Lightning flies over Freeland to Travis Scott and Kid Cudi’s “All Through The Late Night,” trying to reach Gambi to tell him about Superman and the crisis. Meanwhile, Jennifer, is stuck in her own box after meeting her doppelgängers during the last episode.

Black Lightning and Lightning both fly to Anissa’s but she’s not there. Jennifer wants to go after O’Dell but Jefferson tells her it’s not smart to go after him with the suit O’Dell created. Both Jennifer and Jefferson try to explain to Gambi that they were in alternate dimensions but Gambi doesn’t really believe them. Jenn puts on her old suit and Jefferson tells her to find her mom first.

Jennifer surprises her mom who is strung out on green light and drops a beaker of green light. Jennifer feels an earthquake in Freeland and know’s its Brandon. Jennifer finds Brandon passed out and gives him the cure. Later, the ASA find Jennifer and shoot her with a tranq dart after O’Dell sent out his goons to find her.

Blackbird is down in the tunnels when she is attacked by the ASA, Black Lightning comes in the nick of time to help her and they head to Garfield.

Black Lightning goes to Bowman College to talk to Lynn and finds green light splattered from the beaker on the floor. He sends the sample back to Gambi and goes to the house to find Lynn. Jefferson gets to the family house and finds her strung out on green light. Jefferson finds the green light and flushes it down the toilet and Lynn slaps him across the face. Henderson needs Jefferson so he has to leave.


Black Lightning naturally assumes the leader position of the resistance but to the dismay of his daughter Anissa (Blackbird) Courtesy of the CW

Black Lightning meets up with the resistance and questions if Anissa would be better suited in the resistance as Thunder since Thunder stands for truth and justice. Black Lightning calls her out on her questionable decisions and Anissa gets mad and calls him out for using his male privilege to be the leader, saying it’s not Black Lightnings team.

TC, the boy who can talk to computers, find his way to Gambi’s tailor shop and breaks in looking for Peter. TC ends up finding Gambi’s secret layer and finding out that Gambi is currently dead to the world. Gambi pulls a gun out but he’s not mad, he wants to help the boy.

After kidnapping Jennifer and Brandon and bringing them back to the pit in an armored car, Jennifer is just too strong. Jennifer breaks through the meta collar and as the ASA shoot at her she lets the bullets phase right through her. The ever confident Jennifer takes out the rest of the ASA guards herself.


Jennifer breaks Brandon and herself out of their meta cuffs before a heated showdown with the ASA. Courtesy of the CW

Meanwhile, Blackbird, Black Lightning and the resistance break into the pit to free the meta’s. Over the course of their power struggle, Blackbird and Black Lightning both say the opposite way of each other when trying to break out, but Black Lightning lets Blackbird lead and luckily she chose the right way.

Back at Gambi’s, TC uses his powers to find Gambi’s killer while Peter makes him an Italian hoagie. After finding the killer (Lady Eve), TC becomes unstable and passes out on the floor. Gambi says he knows somebody that can help.

Jennifer calls O’Dell for a meet to tell him off and tell him she’s not his weapon anymore. As O’Dell is in the car, Jennifer goes to kill him shooting her lightning at him but O’Dell is just a hologram.


After the lack-luster mid-season finale, Black Lightning came back with some much needed momentum. From the opening with Jefferson coming out to “All Through The Late Night,” Black Lightning started back on a serious note. While the episode didn’t devote too much time going over the events of Crisis, Jefferson did explain to Gambi that they were apart of a new multiverse and that Superman exists.

Jennifer and her arc with O’Dell naturally progressed to the point where she wants to kill him. While Jennifer is extremely powerful but young, O’Dell is able to outsmart her with the use of a hologram. The O’Dell-Jennifer rivalry is about to come full speed ahead with the inclusion of her ex-boyfriend Khalil (AKA Painkiller.)

Anissa finally gets her due from her father and becomes the leader of the resistance as she wanted. Anissa has always felt like her dad has stepped on her toes and not let her become the leader she wanted to be because her dad has always been the over-protective father/leader type. Jefferson does call her out on a few of her questionable decisions and Anissa chalks them up to learning, but Jefferson is really proud of her and when he lets her lead in the end, Anissa thanks him as they both share a tender moment in front of Henderson.

Lastly, while the search for Gambi’s killer hasn’t really been mentioned since season 2, TC has given him an ample chance to find his killer. I definitely thought they were going to bring a new face in and introduce a new villain but it turns out it was Lady Eve who we haven’t seen since season 1. We don’t know yet if Lady Eve is back due to the events or crisis or some other reason but the return of Lady Eve can’t be a good thing for Gambi.