At the end of the last episode, Nick came across Ace in an accident. Nancy confronts her father about the death of Lucy. In the middle of the confrontation, George tells Nancy about Ace. At the hospital, Nancy goes full-on investigation mode. She gets Bess to open Ace’s phone. That’s when she hears the recording of the accident. As Chief McGinnis stands there he senses a presence as he turns he sees a shadowy figure.

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Nancy figures someone tampered with Tandy’s car. She asks Nick to check it out. Nancy and Bess play distraction so that Nick can get the needed information. Nancy speaks with Chief McGinnis. She knows he saw something. He isn’t quite ready to tell her but soon changes his mind. They both want to help Ace. Nancy is going to take part in a ritual to help save Ace. McGinnis is leading the ritual. George and Mr. Drew take part also. George is the one pulled into the spirit world. Unfortunately while in the spirit world at the site of Ace’s accident, George is grabbed by a spirit. George manages to get away but is still lost. Mr. Drew and Nancy’s problems boil over into the spirit world making it hard for George to navigate.

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George is successful in bringing Ace back to his body but he doesn’t wake up. Nick and Bess reveal to Nancy and George that Bess’s girlfriend, Lisbeth, is an undercover state cop. Bess, Nick, George, Nancy, and Lisbeth are wanting to share evidence. Nancy offers to go forward with the evidence.

Will Ace wake up? Who does the crime-solving team catch up with? Will Nancy and Mr. Drew ever clear thing up between them? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Til next week…