Still haven’t found yourself wrapped up in the Seis Manos frenzy, huh? Not to worry, because I have three major reasons you need to load up Netflix and get started! While the entire cast is obviously superb, here are the top three stars you can look forward to hearing in this action-packed animated series!

Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo is by and far the most decorated and popular actor in this cast. Honestly, you don’t need me to tell you that he’s the voice of El Balde; that gruff tone is instantly recognizable. Going along with that, Trejo is cast into a role that matches his voice — that gravelly speech is the perfect pairing with our big bad, El Balde, who has blood on his hands and a terrifying assortment of narcotics. We all know Trejo can be a big ol’ puppy dog in real life, but this casting choice was A++. If nothing else reels you into this show, please let it be Danny Trejo!

Seis Manos El Balde

Mike Colter

Number one didn’t quite do it for you? Well, guys, gals and non-binary pals, you can’t really argue with a superhuman like Luke Cage. Mike Colter goes from Marvel to Mexico for his role as Brister, the gruff but (sometimes) lovable DEA agent sent to investigate El Balde’s drug trafficking. Colter does wonderfully with roles that combine badassery and comedic relief, so I think it’s obvious that he plays up the role of a government agent who suddenly finds himself to be even more of a minority in his new environment — ¿Es él un oficial de policía o un cerdo? If you’re not ready to think about these first two actors as their characters, just know that you’re essentially watching Danny Trejo take on Luke Cage. You’re welcome.

Aislinn Derbez

You may have recently seen Aislinn on screen in the film Miss Bala, or perhaps in the Spanish television series Noches con Platanito. Not your thing? Not to worry! Aislinn is one of the most well-known Mexican actresses of her generation and has an impressive resume to back that up. Seis Manos features her as Isabela, the sister of Jesus and Silencio, who is nothing short of the strongest female lead in 2019 animation. Derbez brings Isabela to life with strength and compassion that practically oozes out of the television screen!

Did you fave make the top three? Whether it’s a yes or a no, hit me up on Twitter to continue the Seis Manos discussion! And, of course, enjoy that imminent Netflix binge!