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Harry is trying to help a father, Charles Harding, get closure about his daughter that died. Mr. Harding is an antique dealer. His daughter passed away a year ago. Since Harry can’t feel his daughter, Harry tries to figure out the circumstances surrounding the girl’s death. Then BAM! He experiences her death and he knows she’s there.

As Harry talks over what happened with Bob, he comes to the conclusion that the girl wanted him to see what happened. He goes to see Murphy and she gives him the OK to see the evidence and case file. Marie at the evidence locker is quite the character and VERY single looking to mingle.

After seeing the file and evidence Harry follows up with Edward Miller. After a demonstration of what happened Harry is sent away. Harry being the sneaky PI that he is, snoops around and sees a cartouche tattooed on the back of Mr. Miller. Somehow, Boone is involved with this even though he is dead.

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Boone killed Lisa, Mr. Harding’s daughter. Boone also stole the lock of Anubis from him only to drop in his escape. Boone accidentally blew his own head off. All of this is circumstantial at best. Looking further into what is going on surrounding the death of Lisa, Harry is pointed in the direction of Sabin who was a professor but is now an inmate in prison. Harry must be on the right track. He just got shot at.

Murphy is ordered to make an official apology to Edward Miller. She uses this opportunity to grill him about Boone. Unfortunately, he jumps her and kills himself on purpose taking Murphy’s body. Harry goes back to Sabin to find out a way to get Murphy back. Harry needs to rebuild the lock of Anubis and to lure Boone/Murphy to him.

Can Harry defeat Boone while saving Murphy? Does Lisa get her justice? Does he father get closure? The answer to all of this is in the episode. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Til next week…