I want to cry bittersweet tears. Lucifer has been through the wringer. First premiering on Fox and then getting canceled. Then getting picked up by Netflix to finish the season. Netflix then green lights for more Lucifer. Next, the pandemic happens and we get two parts for Season 5. Then we find out Season 6 is the final season. So much drama just to make this funny dramatic show. That doesn’t cover all the shenanigans inside the show.

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Lucifer comes to LA and meets Detective Chloe Decker. Maze, Lucifer’s friend, and confidant learns what it is to be a person and that a demon can grow a soul. Linda becomes The therapist for Celestials. Dan and Lucifer have their problems and have fun with each other. Well, Lucifer has fun, Dan wants to strangle him. Ella dates a serial killer and must heal. We get to meet Eve, Adam, Caine, and even God’s wife. God freaking retires and a war ensues to see who will sit on the throne of Heaven next. That is where we leave Season 5. Lucifer won the right to rule and must ascend to the throne. Is he ready?

As we open to Season 6, Lucifer and Chloe are having fun with their free time for a minute. Chloe has retired from the LAPD and is trying to get ready to be the advisor to God. Lucifer, now knowing he is worthy of Chloe’s love, must feel worthy of and ready for the throne of Heaven. That is where his struggle is at the start of the season. How can he take care of all of the humans, when he only truly cares for a handful of them. This takes him further on his journey of self-discovery.

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Lucifer knows he has the ability to care and even love others, but how will he help those he puts up with or even hates. He tries helping Carol out because he doesn’t care about him. In the hilarity of helping Carol out with Lucifer’s goal of getting him laid, he began to care. Since he started to care, Lucifer felt that was a failed experiment. He sets out to help someone he hates, Jimmy Barnes, who is currently residing in Hell. Lucifer and Chloe help Jimmy and Lucifer gets the feeling of something right.

We also find out that Dan is in Hell. Oh, my freaking Gods! Is there no justice? Dan cannot be in Hell. Lucifer made a special purgatory for him and ordered the demons not to torture Dan. This is nice but it isn’t helping Dan figure out what his guilt is that he has to resolve so he can leave. However, someone sitting on Lucifer’s throne wants to destroy him. Oh, and in a fitting piece of justice, Michael is in Hell too, mopping the floors by hand.

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The said person brings Dan back to the land of the living but Dan is powerless to interact with anyone who isn’t a Celestial. Dan tries to warn Lucifer but he and Chloe leave for Hell just before Dan and Rory arrive. Watching Dan talk to Amenadiel while he is in police training is funny because Amenadiel forgets and responds to seemingly thin air. Yeah, Dan helped Amenadiel get onto the police force. A job that Amenadiel admires and loves. He and Linda co-parent wonderfully and he is able to point out to Linda when he sees a problem. Like with her meddling in a therapist way in their friend’s lives. Though watching Linda come up with dishes and drinks with a devil twist is funny. It is in celebration of Maze being crowned Queen of Hell. At the end of the dinner, Maze and Eve end up engaged when I thought the fight was going to lead to a breakup. Good job Linda.

Chloe is struggling with too much time on her hands and her identity away. She loves being a detective and now she isn’t. She also no longer has a badge and gun and she forgets that when dealing with crime or feels “strangely naked” as she calls it, without her gun. Fortunately, they have Amenadiel’s necklace. Unfortunately, she becomes addicted to it. It slowly creeps up but you can see it. However, it does make it look like Chloe and Lucifer can have a lot more fun with her being indestructible if you catch my drift.

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The person on Lucifer’s throne (thought I forgot about that didn’t you) says she is Lucifer’s daughter. Lucifer cannot lie so when he says that she is not, I believe him. Lucifer sets out to prove that she is not his kid and he must track down some of his former lovers. When he figures out she is telling the truth, he sets out to win her over. Rory is Lucifer and Chloe’s daughter from the future. She is royally pissed at Lucifer and has blades for wings. They really are badass.

From Rory’s perspective, Lucifer abandoned her and Chloe. Lucifer is adamant that he would never do that but it feels like BS to Rory. Amenadiel continues to push Lucifer to ascend and it doesn’t feel right to Lucifer and so he steps aside while still trying to get to know Rory and prove to her he is not who she thinks he is. Amenadiel wants to take his place, but at the same time does not. He loves his family on Earth. He loves his job and does not want to leave either one. He does have some good ideas to implement into ruling the universe. At the same time, Maze does not want to rule Hell. She wants to live out Eve’s days on Earth with her.

Finally Rory begins to see why Chloe is still in love with Lucifer even after he seemingly abandons them. She begins to accept that he loves her. Somehow, Dan’s killer, Vincent Le Mec, gets out of jail and goes after Lucifer. Dan tries to warn who he can but ends up in Le Mec’s body. He goes to say hi to Trixie. He is able to deal with the guilt he didn’t know he had and go to heaven. The bad part of that is, it left Le Mec close to his goal. Le Mec kidnaps Rory so he can destroy Lucifer.

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Never underestimate a pissed-off devil and a pregnant mama bear. Did I forget to mention that Chloe is pregnant? Oops. Yeah, which lends credence to Rory’s claim of being their daughter. Any-who, Le Mec takes Rory and Lucifer and Chloe come to rescue her. Then it is time. Amenadiel ascends to be God. Lucifer has come to terms that while Hell no longer needs a jailer, he belongs there. Not to torture, but to heal. Rory finally has her answers and begs them not to reveal the truth to her. Everything must happen the way it did. The goodbyes that were had were sweet and perfect. The way they each slid into their purpose was beautiful. I had one worry. How would Chloe and Lucifer have their happily ever after. After all, they have been through, they deserved to have each other. By Lucifer’s own understanding, if you don’t have guilt, you can go to heaven. If Chloe had no guilt in her heart when she died, she would go to Heaven. Even last time she died, she went there. How would she and Lucifer be together? Amenadiel brought her. I ugly cried.

This was a phenomenal series. Everyone played their part to perfection. I am so glad Netflix saved the series. What was your favorite part of the series and who was your favorite person? Let me know in the comments below. Until next week…