Now that Harry knows who and what the dark lighter is he explains it to Mel and Maggie. Maggie thinks she is getting her powers back because she gets visions when touching Jordan. Harry is uneasily sure that Macy is in no danger from his other half. The reason being is that since light Harry has feelings for her, then so does dark Harry. Light Harry explains why he believes this.

We get to see dark Harry released. We also learn that he has a master but don’t see who he is. We also see Macy wake up in what looks to be the family home. When she goes to try the door, she cannot open it. She figures out something is up. She starts putting a plan to escape together. Maggie decides to touch Jordan to figure out how to rescue Macy.

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Maggie, Mel, and light Harry go to Safe Space and it is karaoke night. To touch Jordan, Maggie sings a duet with him. Of course, this is all taking place in front of his girlfriend. It becomes increasingly awkward to watch because it is obvious Jordan is trying to get Maggie’s hands off him. Unfortunately, it was all for naught. Macy figures out where she is cloaked. Dark Harry knows Macy knows and tries to convince Macy he is better than light Harry. Yet he tells her his nefarious plan to use her as a lure.

The next plan for touching Jordan is to get trapped in an elevator with him. In the meantime, Harry and Mel are going on an outing to New York. They want to be in place as soon as Maggie gets the info they need. They end up at a place called Schmitty’s. Oh boy is it going to be fun? Not. Schmitty’s turns out to be a demon bar. They mistake light Harry for being Dark Harry.

While in the elevator, Jordan and Maggie get to know each other a bit better. As they ask questions, Maggie thinks the ring has the powers, not Jordan or herself. She learns that Jordan’s father died and that he inherited the ring. She also gets to try on the ring.

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Turns out that dark Harry owes the lead demon money. Light Harry tries to step into the role he has been given but his bravado isn’t as good as dark Harry’s. He gets roped into a game of poker that he has no idea how to play. However Mel does. Since it’s not a team sport Mel is locked up but comes up with a plan to help light Harry anyway.

Macy and dark Harry have a conversation. We learn how isolated dark Harry was when he was separated from light Harry. Macy is trying to find a way to bargain for her sister’s safety while giving him what he wants for his master. Macy is trying to entice dark Harry to do what she wants with dance and seduction.

Finally, the power is back on. Maggie can escape the elevator. Maggie has to tell everyone about the vision she had. Light Harry’s game is coming to ahead. He calls. They manage to escape by the skin of their teeth. They get the information they need. Macy isn’t making any headway on her task.

What did Maggie see? Did Macy, Mel and light Harry defeat dark Harry when they broke Macy out? What do you think of this version of the white lighter/dark lighter? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…