Hello, and welcome to the third to last review of The Good Doctor. Only two more episodes to go for the season, and I gotta say, this series is amazing. I am so glad I was able to review it, and hope you enjoyed reading my reviews, or at least didn’t hate them. This week, I have been under the weather, so I will not be doing a medical recap, I’ll put it into next week’s. I didn’t want to rush through my research on the illnesses covered in this episode, and give you a lackluster product. I really am sorry. Onward with the review.

gd 16.4

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

Pain. It’s the name of the episode, and something everyone experienced in the episode. We watched as Melendez remembers an old pain, as one of his first patients return. Hunter, a man with a spinal injury, is suddenly feeling pain in his legs. While investigating, they realize the spine is actually doing quite good, but there is a mass wrapping around his spinal cord and even going to his brain stem. Most people would have noticed the pain before, but the previous injury kept his lower half numb, so he didn’t feel the growth. Surgery has a 15% of killing him, but he may walk again. Hunter wants the surgery, but his wife, Cora, is worried, saying he is gambling his life away.

gd 16.6

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

While Shaun, Claire and Park are treating Hunter, Jared and Morgan are on Emma, a patient with several cosmetic surgeries. It seems her latest procedure has in infection.  They removed bad tissue, but it seemed the infection jumped. Dr. Andrews says they should remove all the cosmetic surgery implants, but the patient rather take antibiotics. The medicine doesn’t work, but she rather keep trying. Morgan calls out the husband on potentially cheating on Emma privately, saying one of the main reasons for cosmetic surgeries is because one person is on their way out the door. Turns out Barry, the husband is a gambler, not a cheater. She goes through with the surgery, but it is too late, and they lose her on the operating table. Septic had set in.

Over with Hunter, Melendez approaches Cora, and they talk about how she feels. He realizes she is worried he will change, because the man she fell in love with has always been in a wheelchair. Sometimes, those lessons make the person better, and so she supports Hunter’s decision to get the surgery. He is hesitant at the last second, but Cora says she will love him no matter what. It seems the surgery went well, and I hope we see him walking in a later episode.

gd 16.2

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Jared watches how Morgan works. She keeps mentioning how Jared was the one who found the infection, and then talked Emma into the surgery. She is trying to prove to Jared because of the way he got his job back, no one will respect him again. In every case she mentioned Jared, Dr. Andrews does not thank him or give him any congratulations.  Morgan mentioned a mentor at another location, one that might take Jared if he wants to transfer. After the third time Andrews ignores him, he tells Morgan to make the call. Sucks, I like Jared. Guess we are down to 4 residents.

gd 16.1

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Claire’s mom showed up. In previous episodes Claire mentioned her mom was a drug addict. Because of this, Claire is distant. She talks with Shaun, who thinks people can change. So, Claire gives her mother a chance, and they go to coffee. She is now on mood stabilizers. Clean, getting a job as a singer. Just.. needs a few bucks to get a place. Claire realizes her mother only wanted to meet up with her for the money. My own mother was an addict, nothing too bad, I don’t think, tylenol her main one, and alcohol. I remember trying to not get my hopes up, she had been an addict for a good part of my life, but for my 21st

gd 16.3

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

birthday, my dad got me and my boyfriend tickets to Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I got a call from her that same day, and we talked about going out. She ended the conversation with ‘It will be good to have a DD for once.’ I never had a drink with my mom, and she passed away a few years ago. I hope she knows I loved her, but like Claire, to grow, to stand on my own two feet, I couldn’t keep supporting her. I hope Claire’s mom stays clean, and pays back the money she borrowed. Sorry for getting real personal, it touched home.

On that note, I will leave, but until next week, stay shiny!