On the previous episode of the Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina, we found out that Sabrina’s miraculous powers are results of her tapping into a new magical source. She was able to cure Ros’s eyes, revive Ambroses’s familiar, and save Ambrose from execution at the hands of Father Blackwood. Towards the end of the episode, Sabrina was on the verge of performing the biggest miracle of them all in front of her mortal and witch friends, until Harvey showed her a mural of her in the mines. After finding a portrait of herself as the Harrel of hell, Sabrina became fearful of her abilities. Although she planned to use her powers to bring mortal and witches together, she felt like she would bring more evil than good to the world after all. Sabrina’s quest to reform the church of night is placed on hold leaving her to confront the dark side of her once for all.

The Prophecy 

Sabrina and Nick confronted Lilith with their findings hoping that it didn’t mean Sabrina was the Harrel of hell, but it was actually the complete opposite. Sabrina is actually a key component in a future apocalypse meaning that her miracles aren’t just miracles. It’s destruction. To prevent the prophecy from occurring, Lilith advised her to relieve herself of her powers which will turn her into a full mortal. I was disappointed to see Lilith plot against Sabrina because the Dark Lord favored her over her. I also thought it was disappointing to make a scarecrow to kill her. A scarecrow against Sabrina? This teen has managed t outsmart demons, unlock the most challenging device ever created, and has consistently fooled the High Priest. The best she could do was cast a scarecrow? This is the mother of hell we’re talking about, the Dark Lord has really sunk his claws into her. If Lilith really wants to get revenge on the Dark Lord, I don’t think she should take Sabrina out of the equation. Instead, she should work with her against him and take his spot on the throne instead.

Double Trouble

Nicolas and Ambrose tried to convince Sabrina to keep her powers despite the possible outcome, but she persisted because she cared too much about the safety of her loved ones. With the help of Ambrose, she was able to complete a ritual that created a double of herself containing her powers. I was amazed the devil version of Sabrina still had some good in her. She was talked politely, but eventually, she cloned her friends into vegetables. The Sabrina clone was pleasing to, but her clothes were ugly as hell. I think most of her evil went into the outfit! While her double roamed the earth, Sabrina was attacked by Adam the scarecrow. Again…..the scarecrow is just cringey. She and Nicolas finally traced all of the horrific events back to Lilith. I thought it was funny how they just found out she was the root to it all from a piece of her rib when it was clear as day that she had an influence on her from the beginning.

Blackwood’s Bullshit

Fraud Father Blackwood was is at it again, but he has completely lost his mind. When the Dark Lord exposed him in front of the council, he decided to retaliate by reforming the church under a new doctrine. He renamed the church of night to the church of Judas which is the name of his infant son. In his doctrine, it also revealed that most of the rules apply to witches. I despise his sexist and selfish personality so much that I can’t wait until Sabrina can really get her hands on him. Luckily Zelda was able to get Prudence out of a daze that her father actually cares about her. I became more disgusted when Zelda threatened to slit Prudence’s neck but didn’t care because he has his other daughter Leticia who he renamed to be Judith. Even though Zelda escaped, Prudence has to watch her back at the academy because her father will betray her again.

Hell To Come

Nicolas kept an eye on Lilith until Sabrina would return, but after he read aloud the prophecy, they had to rush to her aid. Sabrina was in a showdown with her double so that she could make sure she wasn’t a factor in the apocalypse. It was an emotional scene when Sabrina held her double as she passed away. I could tell by the tears in her eyes that Sabrina wasn’t ready to let go of a great legacy that she created as a half-witch and her miraculous abilities. Sabrina thought it was the end, but it was actually the beginning of hell.  Killing herself was actually the last step to fulfill the prophecy. Lilith informed Sabrina that the end of days are coming and Sabrina will rule by the side of the Dark Lord as queen.

Yay Or Nay?

This episode was super intense, but I didn’t care for it as much as the previous episodes, so I will say nay. I didn’t like the scarecrow assassin, especially since Lilith is immortal herself and she could’ve done better if she really wanted to get rid of Sabrina. A scarecrow isn’t even threatening to her. I also didn’t care for the scenes of the Sabrina double turning her friends into vegetables because she is supposed to be evil Sabrina, not Veggie Sabrina. I did enjoy the scene of Sabrina coming face to face with Sabrina, but I didn’t quite understand why killing herself was the last step if keeping the double alive would cause trouble anyway. There wouldn’t be nothing else she could’ve done with her besides send her to the academy while she managed her life on earth. I hope that the Dark Lord will explain his reasoning for the prophecy, getting Lilith to do all of those things, and making her queen. Why her? Why Sabrina Spellman? We shall wait to see. Till next episode guys.


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