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It’s the final week of 2019, and we’re gearing up for the Christmas climax, so there are several things this week that have been gently coming to the boil.

Finn’s Still Being Weird

Claudia came over to cause trouble, and she succeeded. Even a stone cold robot lady like her managed to pick up on the extremely obvious vibes between Finn and Elly, because Finn is hardly being subtle about the fact that he has feelings about Elly. I’m kind of confused by what she’s up to, because at first she seemed to be trying to get custody of Elly’s baby, and now she seems to be trying to push Finn and Elly together. Whatever she’s trying to do, my main takeaways from this whole storyline were that Finn thought shuffling about on the patio constituted a romantic date, and it’s very hard to take him seriously when he’s having a D&M with Bea with a cushion strapped to his chest.

Elly’s birth will no doubt be part of the Christmas drama, so I’ve been trying to guess when and where it’s going to happen. In the middle of the Christmas concert? On an inadvisable trip to the bush? My guess is that Elly somehow gets locked out of the house and has to give birth in Karl’s greenhouse in some sort of recreation of the nativity, only with more a lot more durian fruit.

neighbours bea finn

Finn in the most romantic place he could think of. Photo: © Channel 5, Source: Digital Spy

Roxy Gets Real

I’m not a huge fan of Roxy, but it’s really nice to see her finally getting a serious storyline. With the whole organ donor plot, everyone else seemed very gung-ho about handing over one of their kidneys when, in actual fact, it’s not as black and white as that for everybody. It’s a huge thing to donate an organ, and not everyone would find it easy to decide whether to do it or not, especially with the inevitable pressure from friends and family. It’s nice to see Roxy finally have a bit of depth to her character beyond a hair bun and a load of sass.

You Can’t Organise A Concert In A Few Days

You just can’t, no matter how many times the Neighbours writers try to pretend you can.

Jimmy’s In a Mood

Jimmy’s turned up from New York with a very deep voice and a very big chip on his shoulder. As much as Amy will enjoy a visit from her son, she’s dating Kyle, so she already has one child to deal with.

Are You Kidneying Me?

The brilliantly named Robert Robinson is good fun, isn’t he? He’s either shuffling about in shackles like Hannibal Lecter, or he’s doing crazy eyes through the prison screen. At this point, I don’t really care what happens with this plot, because the line, “I’m the one with all the kidneys,” pleased me to such an extent that I literally need nothing more from this storyline.

neighbours robert robinson

Ol’ Crazy Eyes Robinson Photo: © Channel 5, Source: Digital Spy

So that’s it. 2019 is almost at an end, and it’s been quite the year on Ramsay Street. I hope you all have a Christmas that’s more relaxed and peaceful than anyone has ever had in Erinsborough!