The holiday season is full of hot chocolate, cookies, and, most importantly, cheer. While we all enjoy a classic Christmas movie or two, sometimes we need a little horror for a change of pace. Now hear me out, fear and Christmas are unexpected; however, they can mash together to create an enticing video game. I’m talking about Silent Night.

Nigel in snow

Source: Silent Night

Silent Night follows the tale of ghost-hunter Nigel Danvers as he investigates the church of Northfield in rural Anglia. He finds himself utilizing his high-tech gear to speak with spirits from various points of history. The angry souls tell Nigel that they are forced to relive Christmas day for the rest of eternity, and he must aid them in moving on.

Nigel talking to a spirit

Source: Silent Night

The game began with the creepiest Christmas music I have ever heard, gentle and methodical, with a hint of malicious and disdain. The intro included the fact that Nigel’s mission was prompted by random Christmas cards floating around the town, the source? Northfield church. These cards were blowing about the city flowing from the steeple. Once I was able to gather my bearings, I escorted Nigel into the church in which he encountered several shadows and a human woman. After taking several photos of the spirits, I began exploring the grounds in an attempt to reveal the nature of these dastardly cards.

nigel's camera

Source: Silent Night

Without giving away too many secrets about the game, I’d like to mention a few flaws. It’s difficult to navigate via a mouse, and I felt that there was little direction given. However, for this point and click type game, the graphics are high, and the music is fantastic. The storyline is interesting, and I believe if I spent more time with it, unlocking the stories behind every spirit would be worthwhile. Overall, I will give Silent Night another go during my winter break.

If you would like to experience a spooky Christmas, head on over to Steam and check out the Silent Night demo!