Fugitive Toys 2019 Holiday F-Box

Hello people! Fugitive Toys surprised everyone again recently with a Holiday F-Box, this box was, interesting to say the least. So let’s get to the fun stuff, what was in it?

My nephew got my Lego Movie mini figure. He pulled the crayon variant! It’s pretty slick! Photo Credit: Jon Hicks/The Game of Nerds
Next up was a blind box of a series called BFFs by Kid Robot. This was one half of the possible pulls and shows my pull, big t, little c and barry. Photo Credit: Jon Hicks/The Game of Nerds
Make sure to brush your teeth this holiday season. You’re looking at a BFF item from Kid Robot. Photo Credit: Jon Hicks/The Game of Nerds
Mystery mini, Beauty and the Beast, I added this to a donation pile. Photo Credit: Jon Hicks/The Game of Nerds
Funko Socks. I LOOOOOOVE socks, I haven’t wore them yet but I’ll crack these up soon. Photo Credit: Jon Hicks/The Game of Nerds
Next up was Holiday Stitch Dorbz. A Disney piece is always a fan favorite. Photo Credit: Jon Hicks/The Game of Nerds
The main piece of the box was this Funko 3 Pack Freddy Nutcrackers. It is hard to tell in this picture but the outfits are metallic. Photo Credit: Jon Hicks/ The Game of Nerds

So did you get this box? Were you happy with it, or did you miss out? What are your thoughts, as always you get your monies worth with this box but it wasn’t as great as past boxes.


Author: Jon Hicks

I am a wise cracking avid gamer, drawn more to the role playing games with the vast stories and characters. I collect Funko pops, my name is Riddler3 on the Funatics board. I’m a big DC fan, none bigger than Green Lantern as evidenced by my leg tattoo. My biggest fandom is zombies, namely all things Walking Dead. I love everything about zombies and can talk about it for hours. I enjoy Game of Thrones, sports, basketball, and football at the forefront. I support my hobbies as an office manager at a sign company. Please don’t be afraid to reach out and talk about all sorts of topics.

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