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It’s interesting to see how older folks navigate life and love, especially after the unthinkable happens with their soulmates. The Kominsky Method’s second episode explores the sometimes rough terrain that goes along with maybe love after the deepest love passes on.

As Madelyn and Norman reconnect after forty-plus years apart, there’s a sweet urgency in their interactions. As Madelyn explains, they know each other, they like each other and they’re too old for the okie-doke. Inviting Norman to her ranch in Santa Barbara, the two hit it off like they’d never been separated. It’s sweet when Norman expresses his sadness over Eileen and Madelyn (a widow herself) completely understands. It’s old yet new-a relationship gathering speed but grounded in mutual care from times long ago.

Courtesy of Netflix

Norman Newlander is nothing if not slightly neurotic though. Coupled with him being an 80-year old…let’s just say the trepidation regarding he and Madelyn spending the evening together came in full force.

Enter his advice guru Sandy Kominsky.

Talking things through with Sandy seems to ground Norman (sometimes). Being honest with Madelyn is an even better tack for him and the couple share a wonderful evening together, like nothing had ever changed.

Courtesy of Netflix

Back in L.A., Sandy has the pleasure (terror?) of meeting his daughter Mindy’s boyfriend, Martin Schneider. Seeing how veryyyyy close Martin is to his own age makes Sandy wonder about Mindy’s probable daddy issues. Talking with Martin alleviates a lot of the concerns he has for this very May/December relationship. The two get chummy and find they have a ton in common, much to Mindy’s consternation. When Sandy gets Martin buzzed from a bit of weed, he knows he may have a pal for life.

As Martin trips out, Sandy gets blessed out by Mindy for being her boyfriend’s friend. Sandy can’t win for losing.

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