Conan Takes Over SDCC Again

Conan O’Brien is making his yearly trip to San Diego Comic Con. Every year, Conan comes with his TBS show in tow to get all the Comic Con news for those who cant attend. The fun doesn’t stop there though, Conan even releases his very own Funko Pops for the occasion. This year is no different and there will have four different pops for each night of his show. The only way to acquire these pops are through attending the show, buying them from the Funko Booth, or buying them off someone who went. Check out this year’s new pops!

Conan as Pennywise from IT

Photo Source: Funko Blog


Conan as Iron Man from Avengers: End Game

Photo Source: Funko Blog

Conan as Jon Snow from Game of Thrones

Photo Source: Funko Blog


Conan as Woody from Toy Story 4

Photo Source: Funko Blog

Author: Shannon Parola

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