This team up is scary, and looks like a natural fit. Should Rick be worried? Photo Credit: The Walking Dead/AMC

With one week before the mid season finale we saw a large group of characters and things actually happened! Jesus and Carl were hanging out in the back of a truck back to Negan’s compound. When they were getting close Jesus starts leaving a syrup trail to try to find the way back if need be and says it’s about time to bail out. Carl tells Jesus it would be best if he shows him how to jump out of the truck first, Jesus does do and Carl ends up just waiting at Jesus as the truck keeps on it’s way, Jesus is impressed he got hustled by Carl and begins to take his trip towards the compound. While at Negan’s place he has some people unpacking the trucks, one of the men tries to grab the case of liquor that Jesus cut a whole in and a bunch of it falls out, With that commotion he notices Carl who starts spraying bullets killing him. Carl asks to see Negan and nobody else has to die. Negan is near bye and impressed and scared of Carl’s crazy ways. Negan uses some slick talking to create a diversion as Carl is attacked, he kills another but is taken down by Dwight.

Daryl sees this and tells Negan to not hurt him and Negan tells Dwight to take Daryl to fix a food plate for them. Carl wants to know what Negan is going to do with him, and Negan tells him to not be afraid of him it’s a disappointment because Carl is a bad ass.

They go inside as Negan isn’t sure what is he going to do with Carl and wants to show him some things. When they go inside the compound Negan tells Carl to, “watch this.” Negan talks to his followers who are all on one knee as a matter of respect, he tells them that the trip has been successful and that everyone will get fresh vegetables at dinner with no points needed. Negan turns around to look to Carl and say, “respect, pretty cool right? They are still kneeling?” He tells his followers as they were as they move on.

Negan goes to check out a situation with his many wives, one of his wives had  a moment of weakness and slept with her former partner. The guy wasn’t doing his job of clearing walkers which in turn delayed the arrival of the goods. After some information gathering he asks his wife what the one rule is, and it’s that you can’t cheat on him. He asks if she wants to go back to him and her mom that they can, and he can make sure they all are on the same job together. She says no she doesn’t want that and knows what that means, it means her lover will get the iron. Carl doesn’t seem to hate it here at this point, Negan says it’s OK if Carl can look at his wives goodies and even gives him a beer to drink.


Dwight and Daryl come in, with Daryl holding the food plate. Negan asks Carl to take the plate and you can see Carl say something to Daryl, shortly after you can see Daryl say something back when Negan and Carl leave. Photo Credit: The Walking Dead/AMC

Some random ideas:
1.) Maggie is alive-Back at Alexandria, with Father Gabriel’s help they tried to play off that Maggie has died during Daryl’s trip back to Alexandria.
2.) Carl could have told Daryl that Jesus is there with him. Perhaps to give Daryl an idea that hope was not all lost.
3.) He likes it here and doesn’t want to leave. Just seeing if you are paying attention, I think Carl would be great there but I don’t think he wants to stay.

Negan and Carl go to another room, Negan is trying to figure Carl out and wants to know more about him. He couldn’t handle the suspense anymore and wants to see what’s under the eye bandage. If you haven’t seen it or don’t want to see it again I won’t post the picture here, but yes it is very gross and Negan busts Carl’s balls who got upset and almost started crying about it. Negan says he is sorry he didn’t want to hurt his feelings. He tells Carl in honesty that thing is gross but bad ass, it might not work with the ladies but it’s bad ass and nobody will mess with him. As some sort of punishment he makes Carl sing Lucille a song. Sadly he didn’t sing “Carl Poppa”, if you don’t know what that is go search YouTube, he ends up singing “My Sunshine.”

Negan thinks that the iron must be ready so they head downstairs with everyone ready for the show. He tells everyone he doesn’t want to do this but they have rules, and he irons the face of the cheater to set an example until he passes out. Negan decides it’s time to take Carl back home to Alexandria and grabs someone to drive and looks like 2 other trucks. Negan tells Daryl he is taking him back to Alexandria, and Daryl says if you hurt him. Negan tells Dwight to come put Daryl back in his cell for a timeout. On the top of the truck we see Jesus laying on the top hidden. We see Daryl looking up like he recognizes something, and when the scene pans back to the truck you can see Jesus is not there but we can’t see where. Later under Daryl’s door a note says go now with a pick and keys to something. Is it is a trap, or is it Jesus? We don’t know.

Back in Alexandria they go looking for Rick who is on a run for supplies for Negan, so to wait, he tells Carl to give him a tour of the place. Negan seemed to enjoy carpet, running water and darts. During the tour Carl tries to slyly sidestep the room where his sister is, Negan takes to Judith and holds her, and coddles her and even ends up kissing her. He tells Carl that he is right, he isn’t sure why he keeps Rick and Carl alive that maybe he will just bury them in the garden and move to the suburbs he likes it there.

Some other story points taking shape, Rosita and Eugene take off together, Eugene promised to make a bullet for Rosita. Rosita only got one bullet and says she is willing to pay the price to get rid of Negan, but if nothing else it could start the process of Eugene making bullets and being extremely valuable.

An update on Michonne’s solo journey, she killed a bunch of walkers to make essentially a walker barrier speed bump on the road that would cause any vehicles going through. She gets the driver at knife point and tells the woman to take her to Negan. What he plan is by herself with a sword I don’t know.

Rick and Aaron on their run came up empty the first night it appears. When they wake up in the morning Aaron sees a note on a near by fence that essentially says stay out. They investigate and see a bigger sign that says they should be shot dead by now, unless the person is dead and enjoy his stuff. He has grenades and guns, and other supplies. They decide to take their chances and come to a boat inside a body of walker water. So their search for loot isn’t over which we will probably see next week.

One of my favorite scenes involves Father Gabriel, who has won me over, I’m on the Father Gabriel team he redeemed himself. Spencer and Gabriel went out on a run, during the trip Spencer asked if hating someone was a sin. Father Gabriel said no it does not, Spencer said that this is all Ricks fault and he hates Rick, his mom, father and brother have died since Rick came along, and his mom was in Congress and helped people and made people better. Gabriel countered that Rick has made people better by inspiring them. That yes Rick is not perfect but he gets things done and he finds his way. Spencer goes on to say that he can’t help but think that the best thing for everyone is if Rick doesn’t make it back, Gabriel gives him some evil eyes and asks him to stop the car.

Father Gabriel delivers one of the best lines of the season, and easily the best lines he has had, “what you’re saying, doesn’t make you a sinner. But it does make you a tremendous shit, just for now, it doesn’t have to be terminal.” Spencer needs some ice for those burns, Gabriel goes back to Alexandria on foot by himself, which further shows his growth he is not afraid to travel alone, with I think just a knife for protection. Spencer ends up off on his own and he finds a hunter and ends up getting his bow, and find a note in Latin for some of his stashes of food and supplies which he digs up to give to Negan’s group.

Next week on the 90 minute finale we do see Rick get back to Alexandria where he will have to face Negan, Negan with Judith, knowing that Carl came out to try to kill him, we do see some of the Kingdom and whoever knows what else.