Will & Grace – Emergency Contact

Will & Grace - Season 1
Chris Haston / NBC

In the first episode, we learned that Grace & Leo, just like Will & Vince, were now divorced, that’s why Grace was back living with Will & their way of explaining away the previous series finale.

Well in last night’s episode, LEO IS BACK! In an effort to – probably – get him & Grace back together, Leo gets reintroduced when Grace has to get an emergency biopsy. Apparently, she never removed him as her emergency contact. Although I’m surprised she ever changed her emergency contact to begin with. Seeing Leo again stirs up a lot of feelings for Grace and for him. We learn that Leo joined Doctors Without Borders and cheated with a blonde without pants. Grace blames him entirely for the divorce due to the infidelity and he says that it’s her relationship with Will that drove them apart. Leo is salty that he was never her  person, that she always went to Will first.

Grace gives him a piece of her mind when she heads to his office to confront him. She tells him that it’s unfair for him to blame all their issues on her friendship with Will & that he was also to blame. He mentions that he was constantly trying to prove himself to her and that she didn’t trust him. Ultimately, they grow up and both admit their wrongdoings in the marriage, while also bonding and falling for Leo’s charm (who can blame her tbh). They part ways and says their goodbyes but let’s be real, he’s definitely coming back into the picture soon.

I’m also still waiting for Vince to reappear, I have a feeling that this will they or won’t they thing from the original series is going to make a comeback here.

In other news, after bombing an audition he was sure he was going to get, Jack starts teaching a drama class at The Boys & Girls Club of Brooklyn. He pretty much terrifies the kids with his stories about show business and his portrayal of the profession, but he does get one kid to come out of his shell and overcome his shyness to share his ~incredible~ voice with everyone. Karen also shows some humanity in this episode, helping a young girl through her first period and giving her advice and love, but in the aggressive Karen way.

Will & Grace - Season 1
Chris Haston / NBC

Will & Grace airs Thursdays on NBC


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