Source: Mindy Kaling Instagram

We can all get up off of the closet floor and stop crying, because Mindy Kaling finally announced on Instagram last week that The Mindy Project is coming back for the second half of season 4 on April 12th!

While the plot has been very hush hush since production started back up again, we do know that everyone (yes EVERYONE) is back for 4b, and those Instagram sneak peaks from Mindy and crew have us all in a fit! We’ve seen some fun BTS, including Mindy’s 30(!!!) outfit changes in the first episode (I smell a montage) & some hints at a “naked in bed scene” that’s supposedly verrrrrrry steamy.
As far as guest stars are concerned, we know that Ross Marquand will be guest-starring in an episode in which he and Mindy hang out with Morgan’s dogs and she either goes to his wedding or they go to a wedding together (or maybe they’re taking a cue from Broad City and it’s a DOG WEDDING!?!!). Lauren Cohan, also of The Walking Dead, announced at an Apple Store SoHo event that she too will be guest starring this season.
My new theory is that it’s Lauren and Ross’ wedding and that the zombie apocalypse breaks out during their vows – that’s plausible right? Has the Mindy Project been a Walking Dead prequel all along???

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