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We open to Marisol being excited about winning Green Week. She is also buttering up Gabe for something. Marisol wants to tackle cultural appropriation. She’s starting with Gabe’s tacos.

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The class talks about cultural appropriation by Bob. Bob, who is Filipino, is apparently appropriating Mexican culture by making and selling tacos. Bob walks in with tacos for the class. Marisol throws words like barbs. Bob dodges them all. Gabe pisses off Marisol by making Bob an honorary Mexican. In turn, Bob makes Gabe an honorary Filipino.

In drama class, Marisol isn’t doing great but she is doing it. Mikey is doing it well and his unrequited love for Marisol is so cute. Paula wants to censor the Romeo and Juliet play. For once Carlos is offended by censorship. She wants to get rid of sexy stuff in there. Or anything that can be construed that way. Back at the teacher’s lounge both Tony and Abby look like goofs when the topic of cultural appropriation comes up. Paula agrees with Marisol. The taco truck is gone.

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When everyone is present to censor, Paula ends up canceling the play altogether. At lunch, while selling Bob’s food, Marisol sees it. Tony and Gabe make some fantastic Star Wars jokes. Gabe tells Carlos how to deal with Paula. Play to her ego.

The topic of cultural appropriation was brought up and the way Marisol was behaving, I thought this episode was going to suck. I was pleasantly surprised by the conclusion. What does Carlos do about the play? Can Marisol and Gabe find a middle ground? Will tacos be welcomed back onto campus? Watch the episode and tell me what you thought in the comments below. Till next week…

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