So I don’t believe they killed the overlord. I think it’s the gal that Macy saved. Mel and Harry found a solution to getting their powers. Let us see if they do! Maggie got a management position. The girl that Macy saved, is half-demon and half-witch just like Macy. Is she using that to garner sympathy from Macy and possibly the sisters or is she evil?

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Macy and Harry have bound Abigael in a magical force field to contain her. Abigael admits to being the “overlord” as a way to unite the demons. Maggie finds out that there is a way to help Jordan keep his place. When they shake hands, Maggie gets a vision. Is a power of hers coming through or something else altogether? Mel is recreating the Book of Shadows one spell at a time. Harry is working on translating the Book of Shadows but it is slow going because it isn’t being translated into English. Macy and Mel take Abigael on a road trip to Montana to try to see what the situation on the war against witches is. Man if feels horrible to say that sentence.

Macy and Mel end up chasing Abigael once they get to Montana. There is a werewolf-like beast called a Kyon looking for them and the sisters want to go back. Abigael forces them forward. We find out that Abigael is actually Abigael Jameson Cane. She is the daughter of Aleister Cane. Harry and Maggie find a hidden safe that contains a key, magic driver’s license and invoices for the Tulipe Institute in New York that may have some to do with the Tulipe Asylum in Seattle. Maggie touches Jordan a few times to see if she can recreate the phenomena that happened when she touched Jordan earlier.

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Harry found himself at the Tulipe Institute in Rochester, New York. He is brought to a woman named Helen who appears catatonic. When he mentions the Elders the woman becomes violent. She even manages to cut Harry. Once she appears to understand that he isn’t an Elder, she heals him revealing herself as a white lighter. Why is a white lighter in an asylum? Once he meets her sister, Helen reveals about Harry to him. Macy, Mel and Abigael found an antler from the kyon. They decided to make a potion out of it. Mel drinks it.

Mel is able to track the queen and all four women are taken to a warehouse with stasis looking containers. It turns out the hunter has all sorts of magical creatures contained. Macy and Maggie deduce that the hunter wants to collect all the powerful beings he can. Including the sisters and Abigael.

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Did Maggie make it to the meeting? What did the sisters do with Abigael once they returned? What did Harry find out? Let me know what you thought of the episode in the comments below. Til next week…