Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 5 “Case Of The Wayward Spirit”

It seems as though Tiffany's spirit has entered George's body. When George returned the ring, she forgot to put the mirror on Tiffany's chest.

It seems as though Tiffany’s spirit has entered George’s body. When George returned the ring, she forgot to put the mirror on Tiffany’s chest.

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Tiffany seems to have taken over George’s body. Not totally though. Ryan calls George trying to figure out why she was in his house. He didn’t see her just knows that only two people besides him have the code. It seems something has set off Tiffany. George starts scratching her image out of pictures.

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The situation with Tiffany/George is pretty serious. Tiffany absolutely hates George. According to George’s mother, new ghosts are the most dangerous because they are looking for a body. They gain power though. If something isn’t done soon, Tiffany will eat George’s qi, her life force and permanently inhabit her body.

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George isn’t the only person with a supernatural problems. Nancy is seeing and hearing stuff about Lucy. Nancy is desperate to solve not only Tiffany’s murder as well as Lucy’s. Nancy confronts Karen about dodging her calls and knowing Lucy. Karen cautions Nancy about interfering with the investigation, telling her to lay low. Nancy tells her that isn’t her style.

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Bess stays back from catering to help George’s mother figure out how to exorcise Tiffany’s spirit from George’s body. Nick fills in for Bess at the catering. George is suddenly taken over by Tiffany after George see’s Ryan speaking with Owen. Laura Tandy certainly has Ace’s number. George/Tiffany walks up to Ryan in the middle of the shindig and lets him know that she knows about the waitress while holding a very sharp looking knife. Thankfully, Nancy was able to intervene and George’s mother arrives. George is running out of time.

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Do they get Tiffany out in time to save George? Does Tiffany give any clues? Let me know what you think of the episode when you watch it in the comments below. Til next week…

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