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Episode Synopsis:

With Jess sequestered at jury duty, Nick turns the loft into an airbnb in order to help pay for Schmidt’s upcoming bachelor party. Meanwhile, Winston asks Cece for help when he suspects KC is cheating on him.


The Gang:

Nick & Schmidt- So Nick and Schmidt’s main storyline was dealing with their old college friend, Todd. Todd has a lot of money, and wants to help pay for Schmidt’s bachelor party, but as soon as Nick hears about it, he instantly refuses any help from Todd because first of all, he hates Todd and secondly, because he’s Schmidt’s best man. This leads to our funny situation where Nick decides to make the gang’s apartment an airbnb. Several crazy characters come in and out of the loft, but it gets kind of racy between this Japanese girl and Nick, when mixed messages are communicated between them. That bathroom scene with the shower overflowing. Tsk tsk. Soon enough, Nick and Schmidt both start to crack under the stress and Schmidt caves and calls Todd. Poor Nick is disappointed in Schmidt (and I would be too) and they go to see Todd in the end for help. When it gets to the point where Todd wants to kick Nick in the nut, Schmidt finally realizes that him and Nick can work it out for themselves. Yay for Schmidt! It’s always great to see Nick and Schmidt’s friendship blossom even more. And it was nice to see that Nick really cared about his duties as best man and wants to make Schmidt happy. You’re attempting to grow up Nick Miller. I can’t wait to see where they actually go for Schmidt’s bachelor party even though those tickets were non-refundable to Tokyo.

Winston & Cece- I always like the story lines with Winston and Cece together. They’re a funny duo. So their storyline revolved around Winston’s girlfriend and how she might be cheating on him. Also, it revolves around Cece trying to take on the Jess persona and try to reassure Winston that everything will be ok. Unfortunately, Cece is not Jess and things take a turn for the worse. She tells Winston to pretty much make his girlfriend jealous and without a doubt, it backfires and Winston ends up getting broken up with. Him crying in the bathroom cracked me up. Afterward, Cece tries to cheer Winston up with caffeinated tea and tell him that he can do better because his girlfriend was out of his league anyway. Haha! The hilarious conversation continues, and Winston has the idea that he needs to make his now ex-girlfriend sad and want to get back together with him. This leads to more shenanigans when Cece goes up to said ex-girlfriends house and tells her that Winston died. Wow. She ends up crying like Winston, but we soon see that she was in fact cheating on Winston and I guess things are restored in the world, according to Winston. I’m pretty sure this isn’t the route Jess would have taken, but oh well. I hope in the future, Winston finds a girl that’s a keeper because we haven’t seen him truly happy since Shelby, I feel.

This episode was pretty funny and actually didn’t seem out of place, even with Jess gone. I’m scared now for Megan Fox to come into the picture now. I already know fans aren’t too happy about it, but we’ll just have to wait and see.