Source: Gina Rodriguez’s Instagram (@hereisgina)

Phew. That title was a mouth full. But OMG check it out. Queen Gina posted this pic on her Insta last week with the caption: “My beautiful, weird, funky tv family. God. I love them all. #janethevirgin #seasonfinale”

Immediately I put on my detective spectacles and got to work. Here’s what I’ve deduced:

  1. Michael’s back! Presumably for a flashback…but honestly who knows with this show.
  2. Tyler Posey? Is that you?! The Teen Wolf hottie seems to have joined the cast…we’re not entirely sure who he’s playing…that’s being kept under wraps. But it’s safe to assume he’s either a new love interest of Jane’s or her first love that the narrator hinted at a few weeks ago. (Remember? Jane’s only been in love three times: Michael, Rafael, and someone we’ll learn more about later…)
  3. Professor Donaldson is ALSO in the picture! This could mean more flashbacks…or it could mean she’s involved with the publication of Jane’s book, “Snow Falling”.
  4. All current important cast members are still in the picture which means no one else has been killed off…yet.
  5. I do wonder, though…where are some of these secondary characters that cause friction? Where are Luisa and Rose? Chuck? Anezka (well, Yael does play her, too)? Maybe they just missed the photo op.

Okay, so my deduction skills need some work. But we can alway count on something interesting in a Jane finale!