Photo Source: The CW // iZombie

I’m just not into this zombie outbreak storyline.

I was honestly fine with the format of the show staying the same: Liv eating a brain, adopting the victim’s personality, and solving a crime with Clive, while various shenanigans happened with her friends in the background. But now we have to deal with this church/cult of zombies, Major’s mouthy zombie teens, and violent zombie haters trying to cause destruction? No thanks. I may be alone in this, but for me, it’s removed the fun sci-fi element of the show and dug up the deep seeded fears and insecurities of what could happen to us if everything continues to get worse and worse. I already have “The Handmaid’s Tale” for that, thank you very much.

Onto my review…

The show opened with the most terrible woman ever being killed by a golf ball to the eye. Liv, of course, at her brain and became that awful woman…treating Clive like her driver and Major like her boytoy, among other things. Side note: did we know that Liv and Major were “back on”? When did that happen? And is it really already over for them again? Back to the case, Liv is insufferable, but she does help Clive figure out that it was definitely some of the help at her mansion who murdered her. It turns out, each other then we’re left one million dollars upon her death, and the chef needed money for her son’s heart surgery. Honestly, I understand…sort of…are their lighter sentences when the circumstances of the murder are so heartbreaking?? As Liv weens of the bitch brain, she realizes she needs to help this woman get her son to safety, so she and Ravi smuggle the kid into “Old” Seattle to a “coyote” who will get him to his dad in California. Traveling from “New Seattle” is prohibited now, of course, to contain the outbreak. An outbreak that WAS caused by stupid Fillmore Graves.

Onto our subplots…

Major is rising the ranks at FG…much to Liv’s dismay…and honestly, it’s hard to tell how Major feels about it. The only thing that seems to bring Major any real joy is Liv. Aside from that, he seems like a robotic sad puppy (well that’s how I seem him anyway…I don’t know). Hopefully he’s on the cusp of some major (hehe) character development.

And Clive can’t have sex with his zombie girlfriend Bozzio, so he’s feeling pretty stressed. Ravi prescribed him and SSRI to diminish his libido, but Bozzio finds it and tells him “they’ll find a way”. OOOOK BOZZI, whatever you say.

Until next time…avoid scratches from pale unhealthy looking people or people with fake tans.