Hey yall.  I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. But its back to business now. So, I know you were thinking that since 911 didn’t show this episode last week, that this week was going to be an EPIC show, just based on how episode 8 ended right. Good show all the way up until the end. Even had it trickled over to episode 9. But it is simply not to be. Once again, a potentially great story line just fizzled out. We know Hen hit a girl last episode and she killed her. Now, if you’re over analytical like me, you noticed that she did everything that she was supposed to do. So, I already knew it wasn’t her fault before the show told me (I also watched that scene a few times). Fast forward, I knew Hen would be cleared. I knew Hen has pressed the button. And she took it so hard (great acting) and Athena was comforting her. Now, I would have expected to see a shocked Hen going through the motions of the investigation and questioning based on what Athena said in E8 (episode 8). I expected to see that and maybe just the episode picking up from where 8 left off. Maybe I am asking for too much, but honestly the chick who got hit with a meteorite through and through, REALLY? Scrap that. Useless story lines ought to be the name of this show. Anyways, so the issues Hen had with her wife, just gone, she’s over it and 100% out of depression and everything is great. When last episode they seemed to be on the verge of breaking up or there is this space between, but nope. They do, however, show Hen dealing with it somewhat, but it was just sides, no meat. She’s going therapy and she is blaming herself although the investigation proved she did what she was supposed to do. Which we already knew that………. And where are the parents? Where is the outrage over Evelyn’s life? We don’t even see anyone of Evelyn’s people after she got hit.

Next, we have Maddie being contacted by the lady she was forcing her help on. Right away the situation seems a little off. I mean you went to work, almost got Maddie fired, told her to stay away from you and then you call her to help you? Where do they do that at? Granted Maddie was a little mad when she did it, but her heart was in the right place. Which, caused her to have a setback. Thought that she was growing and moving along with her ordeal and dealing with it. But how about a big fat NOPE! She’s not dealing with it, at all. But I don’t know about yall but didn’t the situation seem kind of weird? I got the vibe that somehow maybe the woman was the abuser and the husband was the victim. Its definitely a just a feeling, but it just seems off. I don’t know what to think of it. It would be a nice twist though. Maddie ends up calling the police, no charges are filed, husband makes and excuse for his wife and Maddie says she is gonna drop it. Somehow, I just don’t think that is the end of it. But maybe her husband made those 5 calls…..

Filler, filler, and more filler. Bobby purposely stands in the way of radioactive smoke in order to save a victim’s life. Might have possible radiation poisoning but maybe not. He did have protective gear on, but I guess we will have to wait and see about that. And what will happen with that issue. But everything will be back to Hollywood normal next week I figure. Hmmm do I really need to say that Buck and Eddie made up? The show didn’t spend a lot of time on that so neither will I.

In the end, everyone is a bit messed up emotionally, and they are all in therapy. Hen has a new lease on life after seeing an old friend and is able to finally pick up and go back work. Maddie is finally ready to admit how she really feels about killing someone she loved who was also abusive. And Bobby is potentially a ticking time bomb. The end!