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If you love playing video games and you do it regularly, then you’re a gamer. However, it’s just a general term that most people use, whether you’re a hardcore or casual gamer.

However, being a gamer doesn’t mean only having fun by playing. Some gamers actually have video games as part of their career. So, if you love video games, then a Game Design degree may also be perfect for you.

Here are some of the reasons why a Game Design degree may be the right course for a gamer like you:

  1. Help People Have Fun

Since you know how to have fun playing games, you can use your experience to design entertaining games. You know how to capture a gamer’s heart, so it’ll be easy for you to create a game. Especially if you’ve been playing games for a long time, you have a deeper understanding of how video games have developed over the years.

But when you learn game design, it can help you understand more how games should work. That’s why studying this degree won’t be a waste of time. Yet, your degree can become your stepping stone to a better work opportunity.

As a result, you’ll know what should and should not be in a game. As a game designer, you’ll improve games by doing the following:

  • Level Ups – without the challenge of leveling up, a game won’t be as much fun. But if you add assets, skills, and weapons for the characters while evolving, the gamer will look forward to these level-ups. Hence, they’ll do their best to achieve such power-ups.
  • Rewards – although a game should have rewards, you must make the rewards worthy. For instance, you can add rewards they can use in real life. A free meal or sundae on a local or famous diner will give it a twist. This way, gamers will look forward to the game.
  • Choices – you know how a predictable game becomes boring, right? So if you don’t want this to happen, it’s better to give players choices. For instance, give them different ways to reach the next level. That way, they’ll feel excited and immersed.
  1. Work In A Passionate Environment 

Since you’re used to having fun, working in a fun environment may be desirable for you. Being a game designer lets you work with people of the same passion. More likely, your colleagues may be gamers, too.

So if you complete a Game Design, you’ll meet people with the same passion as yours. As a result, you’ll feel more enthusiastic about work. Since game designing requires dedication and hard work, you won’t worry about not participative colleagues.

  1. Boredom Is Unlikely

Since gaming industries are dynamic, you won’t be stuck on one single task or skill. If you’re a game designer, you must keep up with the trend. Gamers’ preferences will always vary as well as software and technologies. You need to keep up with these factors so you can produce a well-designed game.

Throughout the years, you’ll gain learn new and different things that can hone your skills. The experience will teach you a lot, but studying updated courses on web designs is also vital. Sometimes, your game design degree will teach you new techniques applicable to current trends.

So when you regularly study Game Design courses, you’ll probably create games that’ll catch every gamer’s attention.

  1. Enter A Challenging Industry

One of the reasons why people play games is to combat the challenges of what a game offer. When you naturally seek challenges, a monotonous job isn’t right for you. But game designing will challenge you every time.

Unlike other jobs where you can relax after the paperwork is done, game designing doesn’t. As long as the project is in the developmental stage, relaxing isn’t an option. You need to focus, be creative and analytical.

Every mistake you make can impact one or two components of the game. That’s why being analytic can help you much in this area. You’ll work on every part of the game from the level mechanic, design of the gameplay, scriptwriting, level design, and more so you must also be creative.

However, it’s not all serious business at the end of the day. You’ll still be able to kick back and enjoy the fruits of your labor when your game is finished.

  1. Apply In Many Companies

Although a career in game design has its challenges, the game industry is vast and will continue to grow moving forward. That’s why you can apply to many game designing companies after finishing your degree. The opportunities are endless. If you want to be a part of a prestigious gaming company, a game design degree can be a plus.

Most companies hire people who have a background in game design. Being a gamer is not enough to land in a big company. You must also qualify yourself by holding a game design degree.

Moreover, since more people are playing video games because of the advent of technology, game designers are always on demand. As a result, the salary of being a game designer is quite high.


A degree in game design allows you to find a job you’ll enjoy. A big opportunity is waiting for you after finishing your degree. You can either enter in a big company or get a high salary elsewhere. But one of the most enjoyable parts of being a game design is the opportunity to play the game you’ve created.

So what are you waiting for? Get that degree to open more opportunities for gamers like you.