Photo Source: FOX // Brooklyn Nine Nine

The 100th episode, “Game Night” felt a little less like a typical 100th episode (they did that in “99”—makes sense), but we still had some pretty big moments and plot developments in both episodes that aired last week.

Let’s start with Game Night

Recently, we learned the Rosa is bisexual, and because she’s afraid Charles will slip and tell everyone, she decides to just come out to the whole office. This was something that everyone supported, but Rosa was still nervous because she hasn’t come out to her parents yet. And they’re extremely traditional. She pulls in Jake to go to dinner with them, which gives her parents the wrong idea that THEY are dating. AWKWARD! Before things got too far, Rosa admitted she’s Bi…and her parents didn’t react well. They basically brushed it off and acted like it’s a phase. This awkwardness continued into family game night when Rosa’s parents told her as long as she married a man everything would be okay. That made Rosa more upset than anything else, and while her father came back the next day to apologize and accept her for who she is, he also told her that her mom isn’t supportive yet and game night is off the table for a while. Luckily all of her coworkers at the 99 love her and support her so she can still have her weekly game nights with them. Getting a little misty-eyed over here!

The rest of the gang had to deal with the pretentious cyber crimes unit hogging all of their bandwidth. No one knew how to sway the nerds or even intimidate them…until they remembered Gina. Yes! Gina is back! And she is ready to GO. It took her about 5 minutes to embarrass and intimidate the pants off of the head of cyber crimes. It’s so good to have her back!

The Favor

Remember Seamus Murphy? He’s the shady crime guy who helped Holt get Jake and Rosa out of jail. In return, he wanted a favor from Holt. He’s finally come to collect the favor—a permit for a block party. That doesn’t seem so bad, right? Wrong. Holt and the gang realize quickly that he’s only doing that to cover up something illegal. Instead of refusing the favor and putting himself in danger, Jake implores Holt to let him figure out Seamus’ plan through his idiot little brother. After many tries and fails (the brother may be the most stupid character ever written) Jake and Boyle are able to bug Seamus and find out he’s trying to steal tons of bonds. The 99 diverts the truck carrying the bonds, making it seem like an accident, but Seamus is smart and shady. He knew he got played. He knew Captain Holt wanted to trick him, so he threatened to go after Holt’s family. Starting with Kevin.

These writers sure are good at cliffhangers!