The Flash 6x07 2

Barry just wants to hold his little girl. Photo taken via direct screenshot of the episode.

Please Keep In Mind That This Article Contains Potential Spoilers For “The Last Temptation Of Barry Allen, Pt. 1” and Events That Occurred Prior

Well…Barry’s broken. Just before his big world ending adventure, The Flash has fallen to the dark side. Clearly this transformation is a temporary one—I mean we all know he at least make it to Crisis just fine. Nonetheless, it’s a fun change of pace to see our titular hero actually lose. First though, let’s rewind. 

After literally just being anointed protector of the city, Elongated Man was immediately taken out by Ramsey. It was neat to see a semi-complex one-on-one fight scene with Ralph. Those are often saved for Barry, so it’s good to see that wealth shared. With Ralph’s defeat, came Barry’s infection. Dream like sequences are always fun, and the show certainly got to enjoy itself a bit as Ramsey mentally tortured Barry. I think I can easily say that the Ramsey we saw on display this week was certainly the best side we’ve seen of our villain. His symbiotic-looking rage induced visage is okay, but it’s the cunning evil and manipulative Ramsey that really shines. 

Screen Shot 2019-11-30 at 12.03.48 PM

Barry being pulled in two directions. Photo taken via direct screenshot of the episode.

The real performer of the episode was Grant Gustin. He is definitely one of the strongest leading performers in the Arrowverse, and that’s no clearer than when he gets to do these emotional heavy and charged scenes like this episode presented. I mean you can’t say that you weren’t a little shaken by Barry begging to pretend to hold his daughter. Not to mention finally calling the speed force out. Flipping out towards this force that has guided his life for years was fantastic, and everything about it felt genuine and honest. Though I will say: I don’t really believe what the speed force said. That everything Ramsey says comes from truth. I mean, I don’t buy that these new found powers (which clearly turned Flash evil) would ever end in a better, or even victorious, future.

Outside of Ramsey, the show placed a focus on Iris’ investigation into a mysterious shadowy organization. With that came Allegra, and her annoying entitlement when it came to knowing the secrets of The Flash. Thankfully, however, the show saw reason. Instead of it brewing into a big conflict, Allegra’s new found knowledge was simply acknowledged, and then everyone moved on. The real point of their storyline lay with Iris—and her struggle of writing that fateful article that has been dangling in front of viewers since the show aired on television. I can’t imagine how daunting of a task it would be to have to do that. I’m glad that the weight of that was felt, and given the attention it deserved. 

The Flash 6x07 3

Bloodwork Barry. Photo taken via direct screenshot of the episode.

When it came to Frost’s role in the proceedings, I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it. We saw her attempt to handle the medical emergencies within the team’s operations. She handled Ralph’s initial brush with death fairly well. Yet when it was most critical with Barry, she hesitated. She realized that those kind of situations are more for Caitlin, than for herself. Now on paper that’s a good step for the character. Frost is realizing that despite what she wants, she simply can’t/shouldn’t do everything. She has to let go, and let Caitlin take over more often. The problem however, is that I feel like the lesson learned (or at least the way they got her from point A to point B) was a pretty self explanatory one. Frost has no medical experience—at least compared to Caitlin. The decision should have been common sense. In fact I’m surprised it took this long for it to be realized. 

This week’s episode gave us a strong installment that brought our hero Barry Allen to a new low, less than 48 hours before the big Crisis no less. Not only do we now have a Bloodwork infused Flash, but we also got a good tease of our villains true larger form—one I have no doubt we will see more of next week. It’s going to be an exciting few weeks.  I mean not only will we have what is essentially the midseason finale (which may wrap up Ramsey’s time on the show), but that will lead right into the massive event that is Crisis On Infinite Earths.


Bonus Notes:

  • I find it odd that they felt the need to not only label this a Part 1, but also add a “Too Be Continued” at the end. Of course it’s going to be continued…
  • Crisis is in 48 hours. That’s 48 hours before Barry disappears. Yet, there has been little to no talk about Barry and Iris trying to have Nora before that. You’d think it would be a topic of conversation. That future daughter they treasure and want in their life, will never come to be if Barry disappears before it can happen. And yes, I know it could be revealed down the line—but at this point it should be something that the characters have actually talked about and struggled with. At the very least, it was refreshing to see Nora at least pop up in the plot again this week.