Photo Source: The CW

Uh oh…this week’s episode of iZombie set up some troubling storylines. We’ve got some bad stuff coming…let’s break it down from least troubling to most troubling:

  1. Something’s up with Chase Graves…maybe he’s just a badass zombie, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we have to worry about him for some reason. He’s definitely a dark guy. And he’s a fast-low-talker so I can barely understand anything he says.
  2. Peyton’s murder case is at a standstill because the wannabe mayor is shady and wants her to let it go. Maybe someone else scary is involved here (more on that below). This may end up being something really terrible, but for now, it doesn’t seem like too much to me.
  3. Blaine was cured, then he got shot and somehow is still alive? Is he a zombie again? Also, who thinks his dad will actually stay down in that well? It seems unlikely that this will work out this well for him.
  4. Major found all of his Chaos Killer “fan mail”…most of it was negative…wishing death upon him. One piece of mail was positive. Some woman mailed, sent a picture, and said she’s also been wrongly accused of a crime, so she knows how he feels. For some reason, Major thought it was a good idea to invite this RANDOM WOMAN over to his house. ALWAYS MEET IN A CENTRAL LOCATION FIRST! C’mon, Major! Let’s hope he isn’t dead next week.
  5. Mr. Boss is back. This cannot be good for anyone–especially Peyton. Maybe he’s somehow connected to the dominatrix case? (see above) 
  6. Finally, the thing that is MOST troublesome: the anti-zombie KKK caught they’re first zombie–rabid Don E who was high on a blue juice brain. And they want Ravi to help them! This cannot possibly end well. The war on zombies has OFFICIALLY BEGUN.

Other less threatening plot points…

Bosio is back working on a case. Clive is still in love with her. Let’s hope she can forgive him and the find their way back to each other. She’s gotta be crazy to not want Clive…he’s amazing.

And Liv ate the brain of a murdered Dungeons and Dragons master who hacked into Russian files and was probably murdered by them (the case Bosio is now working on). Now I want to try Dungeons and Dragons! Who wants to play with me?!

Side Note: Last week I called Justin, Liv’s new BF, Colin. I don’t know what I was thinking. I’m sorry.