Anyone who suffers from severe anxiety attacks could deeply relate to last week’s episode of This Is Us. Dealing with the stresses of family, work, and a dying father (on top of a predisposition for anxiety attacks) sent Randall over the edge this week. We watched him slowly fall apart throughout the entire episode: tears, tremors, weird behavior, confusion, and blurred vision all led to a breakdown in his office at the end of the episode. In the most touching scene of the night, we saw Kevin leave the opening show of his play to go comfort his brother…something he neglected to do for him when they were kids. While it would be optimistic to think that this is the climax of Randall’s issues, with William’s death imminent, it’s safe to say that Randall’s struggles may  continue–and worsen–in the near future. Here’s hoping Beth will be back from D.C. to comfort him then. But it’s good to know that Kevin cares more for the well-being of his brother than he has in the past, and he’s there to comfort him.


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Kate was kicked out of fat camp by Duke because his parents own the camp and she hurt his feelings by telling him off and turning him down. I’ve never been prouder of Kate. Also, Duke somehow became even more unlikable by proving himself to be a spoiled whiny brat who’s never really worked a day in his life and has his parents do everything for him. I would like to see another scene at the fat camp where one of his horses tramples him because it’s sick of his lip. Kate met back up with Toby and they decided they really needed to get to know more about each other. Fashion, school, depression, Jack, etc. They decided they need to be engaged for a while so they can get to know each other better.

Kevin was nervous about the first night of his play, so he went around trying to get comfort and encouragement from different family members. The only one he could really get ahold of was…Miguel. He ended up being really amazing though; he told Kevin that he’s a lot like Jack. And Jack was a strong, brave man, so he shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Just do what he would do. …so Kevin did, when it counted. He went to comfort Randall (and ditched his play!) This sort of stinks on one hand, for folks like Sloane, but you can’t help but swoon over Kevin finally choosing his brother over himself. His character development has been very fun to watch.

Jack and Rebecca are NOT in a good place right now. That’s not a sentence I ever thought I’d write, and TBH, I’m #teamJack. Yes, Rebecca has done A LOT to raise her three kids over the years and she deserve to have a career that she enjoys, but she could’ve gone about it differently. I think she takes Jack for granted. He’s so good to her and to the kids. And she is pretty selfish (within their relationship–not with the kids obviously). Of course Jack is going to be mad if you’re up on stage making love eyes at your ex-boyfriend AND are about to go on tour with him! You can’t blame him for that! Yet, she does anyway. SMDH. Rebecca drove Jack to drink again, and I can’t imagine that’s a good sign.