As the season heats up, players were ready to blow off some steam, or glitter, in this challenge! Episode two of Lego Masters was the first to offer an elimination, so players had to put their best brick forward. For a recap of episode one, be sure to check out our article here.

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Source: GeekWire

The Challenge

This week’s Lego challenge was all about explosions, as evident by Will Arnett’s grand entrance. Each team was asked to pick a mini-figure out of a bag. This set the scene for their build and told participants what element would be flying out of their creation. Options for the cinematic element included glitter, slime, water, and dust. The goal was to create an epic scene in which the player’s mini-fig left the scene unscathed and looked fabulous doing it. Most of the participants did an excellent job; however, two pairs left the judges slightly underwhelmed. Let’s take a look at what each team had to work with and what they created.

The Builds

Zack and WayneAlienSlimeCaptain Blastro
Mark and StevenPlant MonsterWaterWatermelon Madness
Caleb and JacobRocket BoyGliterRocket Boy Defends The Moon
Jack and DawnJewel ThiefGlitterOpal The Jewel Thief
Bryan and LaurenLady BugDustLola And Pollen Plot
Zach and TimMonster ScientistSlimeWorld Domination
Maria and PhilipCabaret SingerWaterCabaret Getaway
Dave and RichardViolin GuyDustIn The Key Of G Major
Paras and MotoElf GirlWaterThe Break & The Rainbow Aftermath
Syreeta and RandalCentaurDustBonita Apple Bomb
Natalie and MichelleIntergalactic GirlSlimeIntergalactic Pick Me Up
Susan and JenWizardGlitterProblem Solved
A table of participants, the mini-figure assigned, explosion element, and title of their build.

The Favorites and Least Favorites

As this was the season’s first elimination round, players were on edge when it came time for judging. Amy and Jamie felt the top two builds belonged to Dave and Richard as well as Bryan and Lauren. Dave and Richard had a rich storyline that the judges adored, while Bryan and Lauren showed some incredible sculpting skills. In the end, the winner of this challenge was Bryan and Lauren.

At the bottom this week were teams Zach and Tim and Jack and Dawn. The judges felt that Zach and Tim did not have a powerful story and were disappointed that more of their build did not collapse in the explosion. Similarly, Jack and Dawn’s build remained largely intact after their eruption. In the end, Jack and Dawn were eliminated from the competition, with their awesome biker mini-figs left on the Lego Master shelf. Overall, this episode was fun to watch; if you want to enjoy this episode of Lego Masters, head on over to Hulu.