Image Source: SDCC Unofficial Blog

What We Do In the Shadows is currently in its fourth season, and what other way to celebrate the new season than by attending SDCC. We got a glimpse into what to expect in future episodes, along with many questions about baby Colin Robinson.

Future eps:

  • There will be a “bottle episode,” meaning the gang will be together in one room. Most of the time, there are separate storylines between characters, so we don’t get to see all the characters interact with one another. But when we see them together in one room, it always makes the scenes more magical. The comedy is taken to the next level.
  • The boys will have a weekend outing, where they stay at a cabin. Please let this mean that Guillermo somehow makes the boys have a normal camping trip. I want to see them roasting marshmallows and possibly wearing flannel. Or maybe it’ll be a “hunting” trip.
  • Laszlo will tame animals with his flute. I don’t even know what to make of this spoiler. I’m a little scared to know.

In the shows horizon:

  • We will meet Guillermo’s family.
  • There will be a vampire wedding.
  • We will see Guillermo’s path to love.

Baby Colin Robinson:

  • Executive Producer/ Writer Paul Simms said that he passed his love for musical theater onto baby Colin Robinson because he was made fun of for liking it, so he thought Colin Robinson should adopt that interest as well.
  • Mark Proksch said it was complicated playing baby Colin Robinson. There was a lot of green screen involved since they CGIed his head onto a different body ranging from a baby to a teenager. He had to find the balance between acting like a kid but also still staying in character as Colin. Also, he was more limited with his performance. Usually, he would be playing off the other actors, but this time, he wasn’t able to improv.


  • Harvey Guillén made an inspirational speech about the importance of representation. For the specific genre that the show is, you don’t see a lot of Latinos shown, so he hopes to see more in the future.
  • Harvey also stated that this season was all about Nature vs. Nurture.

(Information sourced from Geek Girl Authority, IGN & Entertainment Weekly)