Scorpion’s 9th episode was packed with action, comedy, and heart. In what shockingly turned out to be one of the seasons best episodes so far, the team is chosen by Britain’s secret agent service M16 to complete a very serious mission that (to Team Scorpion’s surprise) turns out to be an assassination.

Well I would summarize the plot but, for one, that would take me at least three pages in itself. And also, I really don’t want to spoil any of the plot’s surprises or twists, because believe me, there were a ton. I don’t think that anyone expected this episode to be as good as it turned out to be. This plot actually kept me guessing through the entire thing and the ending was as shocking as the beginning. There are good who turn out to be bad guys who are actually really good guys and Team Scorpion looks like the bad guys for a while too. And there’s a lot of crazy schemes thought up in the moment and some serious brain work to complete this case. This episode really brought me back to what the original goal of the show was — a team of geniuses doing incredible things. This episode also reminded me of the end of season 1’s True Colors, and also a little bit of Ocean’s Eleven, so you can see what this episode set out to do.

I’m not really going to give much more about the case plot away, because if you passed on this episode I really suggest you go back and watch it. It was a fun one. But I’m about to spoil a very good ending so if you haven’t watched turn back now!

Megan’s imminent death is taking a toll on all the Scorpion members, but as expected, it’s driven Walter to new levels of insanity. Coming off of last week’s heated ending with Sylvester, Walter decided to put Megan’s fate in his own hands and got a secret court order stating that Megan was unfit to make her own medical decisions and therefore he should have total say in her progression. However, Megan has made it very clear that the treatment Walter is forcing her through in order to buy himself time to complete his apparent solution to MS (???) is painful and ultimately not worth it. She begs Sylvester to do whatever it takes to stop the treatment, so Sylvester is forced to make a very tough decision. In the end, he chooses to respect Megan’s wishes and take her off treatment even though it means that she will die quicker, likely within the next or two.

In order to override Walter’s court order, Sylvester must be personally related to Megan, so they spontaneously get married with Ray officiating and rings made out of band-aids and tape. Sylvester, now with spousal jurisdiction, pulls Megan from her aggressive treatment. In an emotional ending scene, Walter and Sylvester stand over Megan’s bedside in tears, but Walter vows that he will save her.

This episode made a lot of mentions about how death is not to be taken casually, and Walter certainly seems to be taking that to heart. Sylvester, Paige, and Cabe have all fully accepted that Megan will die and have allowed themselves to be emotionally open about it. On some level, Toby and Happy are also aware that Megan will die, but they aren’t letting themselves get emotionally attached to it and intellectualize the process as a defense mechanism.

This episode was certainly one of my favorites, but truthfully I am much more excited about next week’s episode. There’s sure to be drama, heartbreak, and tons of emotion from all of Team Scorpion. I really enjoyed this week’s episode and I hope that it sparked lots of interest for next week’s intense episode. Team Scorpion and fans need to get ready, next week is going to be a good one.